Replay Podcast 92 – What If Your Beliefs Were Wrong?

Belief systems are an interesting subject.

For many, our beliefs are formed at an early age and we find 'stuff' that agrees with our beliefs as we get older further reinforcing them.

Then, something may happen to change that belief system, and this can rock your world.

Interestingly, you can choose what you want to believe too. Just ask a 'Flat Earth Society' member. They will absolutely 100% believe that the Earth is flat regardless of any evidence you may show them (for example, through a telescope that Saturn, complete with rings, is round - which must mean it's only the Earth thats flat in our solar system)

Anyway - none of this is life changing as such, but your beliefs surrounding money IS life changing.

Your beliefs around money can make you have a lot of it, or not a lot of it at all.

And a change in those beliefs can change your relationship to money instantly.

Anyway, take a listen, and be open to what I'm saying, as your current belief system is also holding you back right now.

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Speak soon,

Dan Latto

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