Replay Podcast 146 – Why Education Will Transform Your Jouney And My Take On The Windrush Scandal

So I wanted to be a little more ‘raw’ so that people can get to see behind the masks that we all wear from time to time – and I thought the best time to do that was after waking up and starting on my coffee!!

So let’s just say my filter has dropped until the coffee kicks in and lets see how it goes!

I'm doing a lot of 'LIVE' videos right now, and the way we're creating content means that it's easier to get more out by creating the video, and then extracting the mp3 - it means more people getting access to more valuable content.

So get ready for more content, more regularly, and you can catch me LIVE on my YouTube channel.

Anyway - in this podcast, I talk about how education will transform your life (and that you don't know what you don't know until you know it!) I also give a brief take on the Windrush scandal (I mean seriously, what did we expect ?)

So what is the Windrush scandal?

It includes a number of immigrants who came to the UK called the Windrush generation and they were recently threatened with deportation. There were reports of people being asked to prove if they're British, which then caused a nationwide panic, especially to the oppressed due to this change of heart.

On a side note, is Education really that important in your journey in Business? We've been told that education is vital for every human being and I couldn't agree more, that's why it's a human right for have access to education. Not only does it give knowledge but it also can transform you greatly if you're an aspiring businessman.

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Speak soon,

Dan Latto

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