Property Sourcing Training

Just £27 To Learn How To Become A Property Sourcer And Make Money  In Your Spare Time

So you're thinking about getting some Property Sourcing Training ?

Before you purchase any expensive property sourcing weekend training courses, I've put together a complete, comprehensive Property Sourcing training package for just £27 that will show you everything you need to know about property sourcing in an easy, step by step guide.

*Don't be fooled by the price, this literally has everything you need !

But before we get onto the Property Sourcing training, a word about being a Property Sourcer.

1. It's hard work and not a get rich quick scheme.

This is the same as starting a business, as that's exactly how you need to treat it. You can put a lot of work in and not see immediate results.   Alternatively, you may get lucky on your first deal.

2. There is property sourcing compliance in this industry.

There is, I know some property sourcing trainers would prefer to just sweep these under the carpet, but you MUST be compliant. Luckily we go through this, and we'll show you the precise resource you need to make this journey easier.

3. It IS possible to make a good living from doing property deals.

So hopefully I've not put you off too much, but it IS possible to make a good living doing property deals once you get the business systemised and you're confident in what you're doing.

To find property sourcing deals consistently, it will take time of course, just like any other business.

 sourcing property training
 sourcing property training

So with all that in mind, let me tell you about whats included in this property sourcing training.

There are 90 step by step property sourcing training videos spread over 15  modules...

  • Module 1 - What Property Sourcing really Is
  • Module 2 - The Types Of Property Deals You Can Do
  • Module 3 - Finding Deals & Property Sellers - Be Everywhere At All Times!
  • Module 4 - Finding Buyers
  • Module 5 - Negotiating & Working The Numbers
  • Module 6 - Presenting The Offer To The Investor As A Packaged Deal
  • Module 7 - Getting Deals Across The Line
  • Module 8 - Developing A Powerful Mindset
  • Module 9 - Marketing & Content Creation Strategies
  • Module 10 - How To Outsource
  • Module 11 - Systems
  • Module 12 - What To Do If You Haven't Got Results Yet
  • Module 13 - Resources
  • Module 14 - Handling Your Finances
  • Module 15 - Goal Setting & Time Management

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 sourcing property training
 sourcing property training
deal packaging
 property education
 sourcing property training
How To Be A Property Sourcer

One student said the Module on 'Mindset' alone is worth the price.  Just their opinion of course, but nice feedback about this Property Sourcing Training Course.

Another student mentioned how they liked the fact that all the videos are broken down into small bite sized chunks, rather than having to watch an hour and a half video looking for that precise bit of information that they were looking for.

Again, great feedback.

Another student said This training covered more for just £27 than they got on going on a 3 day property sourcing training course at a fancy hotel that they had attended.

property sourcing review for daniel latto
deal sourcing training

The COMPLETE PROPERTY SOURCING TRAINING is designed for those who are ready to take the plunge and seriously commit to being a Property Sourcer.

With 90 different training videos spread over 14 modules, you will learn 21 different ways to find Deals, 8 ways to close them, 7 ways to find property buyers/investors, how to package the deals and how to price the up.

It's a comprehensive training programme showing you every aspect, broken down into bite sized videos so that you can easily consume the content

Best of all, It's just £27, which is less than 30 pence per video!

Most of the properties I've bought over the last 20 years have been Below Market Value Properties.  I've either sourced them myself, or I've bought property deals from other sourcers, or I've sold them onto other investors.

 sourcing property training

For the last 20 years, property has provided me with a lifestyle where my money flows in each month, and allows me to live the best life possible here in Spain next to the Mediterranean Sea.  It's stuff dreams are made of, only I know it can happen because I'm here doing it.

So I wanted to give back, and by doing so, I created a Complete Property Sourcing Training Course to show other people what to do and how to do it, while making it accessible financially.

No crazy pricing, no weekend seminars where you have to run to the back of the room.  Just lots of content on how to be a Property Sourcer.

Look, If you want to learn a new skill, one that you can use for the rest of your life, that has the ability to generate a LOT of cash, then Property Sourcing has the potential to help you generate an extra income.

how to get started in property

This literally has the ability to change your life, as it has already for many other people who have become full time property sourcers, making money from what they love.

Do you want to be a property sourcer ?

Property Sourcing Training

Property Sourcing Basic Course Testimonial and Review for Daniel Latto2
Daniel Latto

Daniel Latto

Daniel Latto has been involved in property for more than 23 years, including as a Property Sourcing Agent, a Lettings Agency owner as well as the owner of a multi-million pound property portfolio in Leeds.

He now lives in Spain next to the Mediterranean Sea, with his family and owns millions of pounds of property in the Leeds area, along with a Digital Marketing Company, and provides Business & Property Coaching advice to clients in the UK.

So can you really make money through Property Sourcing ?

So the answer, as always is ... it depends !

If you're wanting to make a side income as property sourcer, then it is doable as long as you put the work in.

It's like any new business really, and being a Property Sourcing Agent is no different.  If you're prepared to learn, and to put the work in then, yes, absolutely and we have clients who are right now making some good money sourcing packaged deals for property investers.

This training will certainly help you along the way by plugging any gaps you may have in your property sourcing training knowledge.

In addition, we include a whole tonne of stuff on Mindset, Marketing and getting deals across the line.

It's important to me that you're successful, as I know from first hand just how powerful Property Sourcing can be in helping you either grow your own UK Buy To Let Property Portfolio, or to help others by packging property deals and selling them on as a Qualified Property Sourcer.

How to find property deals

I've made 2 videos about How To Be A Property Sourcer and how easy it is to make money and the realities of being a property sourcer / property deal packager.

Video 1 : Can you quit your job through property sourcing?

Video 2 : Property Sourcing
How Hard Is It ?

So what sort of deals are people property sourcing ?

Here's a few  examples from one of our Property Sourcers in West Yorkshire...

Property Sourcing Deal Packaging

3 bedroom house with separate self contained flat in basement

Market rent is £650 for the house and £425 for the flat, so £12,900 annual.

Purchase price is £110,000.

11.3% Yield 
32.74% Roi (based on 20% deposit) 

Property Sourcing Deal Packaging

Block of 4 self contained 1 bed flats

Fully let at £450 per flat, so £21,600 per annum rent. 

All on one title, converted with planning permission and well maintained.

Purchase price is £225,000

9.6% Yield 
25.66% Roi (based on 20% deposit) 

Property Sourcing Deal Packaging

5 bed HMO with grandfather rights and licence for 5 occupants pending.

Leeds City Council have confirmed they will grant one on the condition their schedule of works have been carried out, which has now been completed.

Market rents are £450 x 4 for en-suites and £400 for the non en-suite, total £26,400 rent and purchase price £180,000

Purchase price is £180,000.

11.73% Yield 
33.03% Roi (based on 20% deposit) 

So these are REAL LIFE property sourced deals that anyone can find if you know how.

They've been negotiated and then up for sale to investors.

Anyone can do this with the right training, knowledge and mindset.

Here's The
Property Sourcing Training Curriculum once more ...

Property Sourcing Training Curriculum with Daniel Latto

Property Sourcing Training Curriculum with Daniel Latto

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Deal Packaging Training

Is Sourcing Property Deals Still Possible ?

It is.  But it's hard work.  I've seen other property sourcing training programmes go on about how easy it is.  It isn't.  It's hard.

BUT !!

With the right property sourcing training, the right positive mindset, and the ability to take lots of action, you CAN build either a spare income working part time to your day job, or when you get some steam behind you, to be able to become a Full Time Property Sourcing Deal Packager.

Sourcing  Property Website Design

Once you've got all your training in place, and then maybe some coaching, and then of course the compliance, you're still going to need some marketing to go along with it.

So we created  Property Sourcers Website Design to help you with your website at a heavily discounted price - take a look Property Sourcing Web Design

What's covered in this Property sOURCING Training Course ?

In this course, we'll go through how to source property deals, and we'll then also cover how you find a buyer to buy those deals.  We'll cover the ways in which you can generate leads for both people with the properties that they need to sell, and those investors that want to buy more.

Whatever the financial climate, there will always be people who need to sell their property for some reason.  It could be a bad debt reason for example, where for whatever reason they may have got themselves into financial difficulties.

Sometimes this is through no fault of their own.  Other times, it could be through the loss of their main income as they've lost their job.  Other times it could be that their spending has gotten out of hand, and they can now no longer afford the mortgage.

Knowing how to speak with these people who are going through difficult times is vital, and the key here is to build enough rapport with them.  Rapport is one of the key fundamentals when it comes to negotiating, and the more you have of it the easier it gets.

Often when you reach a brick wall in the negotiation, it's because you've fallen out of rapport.

Source Deals Like This

Property Sourcing Compliance

I've heard you don't need to be compliant, and that just anyone can start up - is this true ?

No, it's 100% not true.  You DO need to be compliant, and we go through that in our course.  I've seen Property Sourcing Training sessions where the speaker is telling people that anybody can just start up as a sourcer and you can do things like 'co-sourcing'.  

This is inaccurate and could get you into trouble, which is why I 100% recommend you get proper training from someone who has been in property for more than two decades.  

I bought my first house below market value all the way back in 1999.  Back in those days there was pretty much no legislation. Thankfully, we no longer live in 1999, and the legislation is there to protect both consumers from being hurt in some way, and for property sourcers like you to have better systems in place to make sure you're doing it right.

Source Deals Like This

Should I skip corners as a property sourcer ?

Look, if you're going to do something, why not do it 100% to the best of your ability?

That's where success comes from.  If not, everyone would be a part time property sourcer making thousands on a weekend.

If you're going to do something life changing, then do it, and go in with everything you have and strive to be the very best.  It's 100% possible to make a life changing decision, take the action and get the result you want.  So commit to it.

Property Deal Packaging Online Training Course

Do I need to spend thousands on a weekend Property Sourcing Training Course?

No, often they're a pitch for an upsell costing even more money.  If you enjoy dancing and happy clapping then go for it, but I've seen videos of some of these trainers shouting at their attendees, refusing refunds when they didn't provide the services and so on.

For £27, you literally get everything you need in this property sourcing training course without the need to pay for expensive weekend courses where the content is tiny, and the upsells are huge !

Is there anything extra in the property sourcing training course ?

Yes, there's some extra bits in here that you'll find really useful.

For example, we include a 15 minute lesson on how to manage your finances during this property sourcing training course.  I show you step by step, the exact method I use to manage my own finances, and I can't express how much of a game changer it is when you finally take control of both your income and your outgoings.

Plus we cover things like time management.

And mindset. 

And this is one of my 'problems' with the training in todays age, we get people with zero experience or education talking about things they've never done, or never been taught.  I'm a qualified NLP Master Practitioner. I've spent years crafting my mindset education and I KEEP updating it with fresh training and experiential courses.  

On far too many property courses people cover 'mindset' and then 15 minutes later they think that's it, it's done.  And that couldn't be further from the truth.  Mindset is an ONGOING process each and every day, backed up with great time management skills, and a clear outline of your goals so that you know every single day where your focus should be.  This is what helps you keep on track.

How To Setup A Property Sourcing Business

One of our more popular videos has had over 12,000 organic views (which means they're natural views!)  If you want to learn how to set up a property sourcing business, then this video may help.

But remember, there's tonnes more content in the £27 property sourcing course

how to package property deals

How to package property deals

So in this training, we'll also cover how to package property deals, so that you know the types of properties to source, and learn how to package the property deals up so you can sell them.

Are people still property sourcing in this market?

The market goes through cycles, sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down.  

Sometimes it's easy for homeowners to sell, and sometimes it's difficult, dependent on the market.

What DOESN'T change however is that some people, for whatever reason will need to sell their property quickly, or that some deals stack up really well even without a discount.

You can package up these property deals and sell them on for a profit.