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After 20 years in Property, and 10 years of expert providing property coaching advice, I now only provide coaching for a select few people each month.

I know my net worth, and my annual income and I also know my unique value in the market place.

If you just want basic coaching, there is plenty of cookie cutter coaches out there who have all done the same courses as you.

Whereas after 20 successful years, I've decided to work with a 'certain type' of person who wants something more than they currently are getting.

So These Are The Type Of People I Work With :

  • Experienced Investors Who Want To Have 'More' To The Life They Have Created

  • People who that if they just got their shit together, would be far more successful than they are right now.  These are usually very driven, very intelligent people who operate at the same level of everyone else, despite being 'unique' (this sounds a bit woo-woo - but you know who you are, you're special and can;t seem to harness it properly)

  •  I Guarantee You Won't Get Conversations Quite Like Ours Anywhere Else.  This is Real Top Level Advice From 20 Years In The Trenches who has turned his experience into a successful lifestyle.

To help explain further, here's examples of people I don't work with

  • people who are brand new into the industry.  I haven't the patience to explain simple things that you can read out of a book.
  • People who don't implement.  When we have the same conversation month after month because you haven't done the work, it's a waste of both our times.
  • People who think they know it all.  You may have money, but have you got the time to enjoy it with the people you want to enjoy it with ?

Get The Right Property Coach

Getting the right property coach is vital.

There's nothing worse than starting coaching and then realising that you have more experience than the coach.

And then there's nothing worse than finding out they became a coach because they had a few successful years when the times were good !

A great coach survived the hit in 2008, dodged the things that life has to throw at them (abducted kids for example) and has put themselves into a strong and powerful position.

That's the type of coach you want.

To become the best, everybody needs a coach


Property Coaching 

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    Learn from a Property  Coach with Millions of Pounds worth of UK Properties under Investment in the UK
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    Who have had hundreds of clients achieve amazing things (from leaving work, to closing multi-million pound HMO deals)
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    Natural teaching style, no fluff, just authentic business advice and coaching that gets results for you and your business

Property Sourcing Coach

Key Benefits Of Coaching

Create Unique Goals

When you create a powerful plan that's ready to execute, you'll feel much more ready to take it onboard.

Identify Obstacles

Once you know exactly where you're going, you can see what the obstacles are ahead are likely to be and plan for them.

Pinpoint Resources

When you know what the obstacles are, you can identify the resources you need to overcome them

Design Your Vision

When you know you can overcome your obstacles with ease, you can set a bigger vision for you and your business.

So, Are You Ready? Let's Go

Private ONE ON ONE Property Coaching

I only ever recommend Property Coaches who I KNOW have the experience themslves, along with the ability to teach others.

We've made it affordable whatever you choose

Most of my clients want to :

  • Increase Income
  • Become Financially Free
  • Learn how to scale and grow their Property business
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    Attract inbound leads & Maximise Profits

The Cost

My coaching isn't cheap, but it is amazing value.  You're not paying an hourly rate, you're paying for millions of pounds of experience and over 20 years in property making money.

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What People Are Saying...


About Daniel Latto

"Coming from a background where I had to work for everything I got, it taught me a lot about persistence and especially at finding the right way to get something done, whilst ignoring everyone telling me something won't work.

I think it' hard because listening to others is part of who we are.  The difficulty is in trying to find someone worth listening to, who has 'done it' and is prepared to help others along their journey.

I like to think I'm accessible to others so they can achieve too."

Daniel Latto is a UK Property Millionaire who now lives next to the Mediterranean Sea in Spain.  He's also an NLP Master Practitioner and has a very solid reputation for getting results amongst his peers.

Daniel Latto

Is This Property Coaching Right For You?

Your course is not for everybody, so quickly check if we're a match here

Who is this for

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    Action Takers, people who are prepared to implement
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    Those who no longer want to be confined by their income
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    Motivated, eager people
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    Those who want to Fast Track their results

Who is this not for

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    Moaners & whiners!  Seriously, there's a reason you're not getting results, now it's time to step up and take responsibility for your result.
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    The "That won't work" group.  You know who you are!  It can and does work, we know because we've had hundreds of people get results.
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    Those who aren't prepared to take risks.  The 1% operate at a level of risk higher than others. That's why they're the 1%
Ready To Take Action?

If you're ready to step up and take action, then we're waiting for you.   You can choose your plan below.

Daniel Latto



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