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The idea behind these audios is to give you base information to get you started, and then during our Group Coaching Calls, or our one on one sessions, we can expand into the content more.   

Property Sourcing : There are various methods you can use to find deals.

Method #4

Leaflet Drops : Listen to this podcast which goes into detail about how to create a leaflet dropping company so you're not having to pay out for leaflet droppers.

Method #5

When you see To Let signs & For Sale Boards at the same property you can send the example letter below.

It generally costs £3 and find the registered name of the owner on the land registry.  This can be more expensive to source deals as it's £3 a time which may end nowhere  In addition, there is a potential breach of GDPR using this model so it's not recommended.

Dear Mr X

Re Address: 

I noticed that the above property was available for either rent for to purchase.

We haven't met as yet, but I own a relocation business that provides homes for  professional tenants such as such as I.T. professionals, Doctors, call centre workers, etc.

All of them are professional, fully referenced, and are looking for places to rent or with a view to purchase.  Sometimes, they can only rent for 3 months and so securing a tenancy for them can be difficult.

So what we do is deal direct with property owners and offer 5 to 7 years of secured rental income.  This allows us to help house these professional tenants on a short term basis, whilst also providing you with consistent rent, paid on the 1st of every month, with zero voids, for the next 5 to 7 years.

We don't charge any additional fees for doing this (We get paid by our client)and it helps remove any stress property owners may have in trying to do it themselves.

We find that Guaranteed rent is a real bonus for many homeowners.

Does this sound like something that would be helpful to you?

In effect you get :

  • 5 to 7 years of secured rent
  • zero hassle chasing tenants for rent
  • zero hassle finding new tenants after they leave
  • zero hassle involved with receiving telephone calls from tenants about a light bulb or broken washing machines, etc (we manage it completely)

If so, then please contact me. We have tenants waiting right now eager to find a their next home

Warmest regards,



P.S. If you know of anybody else who may have a property that they want to rent hassle free, then please let me know!

Method #6

Using Rightmove to find Private Landlords For Rent to Rent Leads

You can use Rightmove to find properties posted by Private Landlords.

This video will show you how to do it, and then you need to use a letter (from the wording further up) to suit your own style.

Then it's a numbers game, just like everything else !

Using these resources

These are designed to provide you initial information that we then delve into with more details either during our coaching calls or our group coaching sessions.

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