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November 1, 2022

As loads of properties from Landlords flood the market right now, there’s some opportunities for some quick property sourcing flips.

The idea here is that you find an investor first, find out what they need, and keep an eye on the market.

Having sold a number of properties to investors lately, I can tell you that they’re still out there in the market place looking for their next investment deal.

And even better for them, is that they are looking for properties with tenants in situ, and HMO’s and so on which are potentially being sold off cheaper than before because of the issues the existing landlords are having with higher intereste rates mixed with Section 24, and higher fuel costs.

Some landlords are simply deciding to sell up, and others have had enough of dealing with tenants for the last 25 years.

While the world is having such massive changes right now, some folks are making a lot of money from it, while others are sat on the sideline wondering ‘what happened’

If you want to get involved sourcing properties for investors, here’s the £27 Property Sourcing Training Course

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