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I've put together a complete, comprehensive property sourcing training package for just £27 that will show you everything you need to know about how to get started with property sourcing in an easy, step by step guide.

So Before you purchase any expensive training courses,  sign up and get all the information you need and begin to get some results first !

So, Property Sourcing - What's it like ?

1. Being a Property Sourcer can be hard work and can take a while to get going.

This is the same as starting a business, as that's exactly how you need to treat it. You can put a lot of work in and not see  results straight away.   Alternatively, you may get lucky on your first deal.

2. There is property sourcing compliance required.

I appreciate that some property sourcing trainers would prefer ignore this, however you MUST be compliant. Luckily I will go through this, and show you the precise resource you need to make this journey easier.

3. It IS possible to make a good monthly income living from doing property sourcing & packaging deals.

It IS possible to make a good living doing property deals once you get the business up and running and you're confident in what you're doing.

To find property sourcing deals consistently, it will take time of course, just like any other business.

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The COMPLETE PROPERTY SOURCING TRAINING is designed for those who are ready to take the plunge and seriously commit to being a Property Sourcer.

With 90 different training videos spread over 14 modules, you will learn 21 different ways to find Deals, 8 ways to close them, 7 ways to find property buyers/investors, how to package the deals and how to price the up.

It's a comprehensive training programme showing you every aspect, broken down into bite sized videos so that you can easily consume the content

Best of all, It's just £27 - that's less than 30 pence per video !

So with all that in mind, let me tell you about whats included in this property sourcing training.

There are 90 step by step videos spread over 15  modules...

  • Module 1 - What Property Sourcing really Is
  • Module 2 - The Types Of Property Deals You Can Do
  • Module 3 - Finding Deals & Property Sellers - Be Everywhere At All Times!
  • Module 4 - Finding Buyers
  • Module 5 - Negotiating & Working The Numbers
  • Module 6 - Presenting The Offer To The Investor As A Packaged Deal
  • Module 7 - Getting Deals Across The Line
  • Module 8 - Developing A Powerful Mindset
  • Module 9 - Marketing & Content Creation Strategies
  • Module 10 - How To Outsource
  • Module 11 - Systems
  • Module 12 - What To Do If You Haven't Got Results Yet
  • Module 13 - Resources
  • Module 14 - Handling Your Finances
  • Module 15 - Goal Setting & Time Management

One student said the Module on 'Mindset' alone is worth the price.  Just their opinion of course, but nice feedback about this Property Sourcing Training Course.

Most of the properties I've bought over the last 20 years have been Below Market Value Properties.  I've either sourced them myself, or I've bought property deals from other sourcers, or I've sold them onto other investors.

Deal Packaging Training

For the last 20 years, property has provided me with a lifestyle where my money flows in each month, and allows me to live the best life possible here in Spain next to the Mediterranean.  It's stuff dreams are made of.

So I wanted to give back, and by doing so, I created a Complete Property Sourcing Training Course to show other people what to do and how to do it, while making it accessible financially.

Look, If you want to learn a new skill, one that you can use for the rest of your life, that has the ability to generate a LOT of cash, then Property Sourcing has the potential to help you generate an extra income.

Deal Packaging Training

This literally has the ability to change your life, as it has already for many other people who have become full time property sourcers, making money from what they love.

Daniel Latto

Daniel Latto has been involved in property for more than 20 years, including as a Property Sourcing Agent, a Lettings Agency owner as well as the owner of a multi-million pound property portfolio in Leeds.

He now lives in Spain next to the Mediterranean Sea, with his family and owns millions of pounds of property in the Leeds area, along with a Digital Marketing Company, and provides Business & Property Coaching advice to clients in the UK.

Property Sourcing Training
7 types of property sourcing deals
Property Sourcing Training
Property Sourcing Training  - 8 ways to close the deal

Property Sourcing Videos : What's Possible As A Property Sourcer

Property Sourcing Videos : What's Possible As A Property Sourcer

How much do Property Sourcers Earn 

As ever, the answer to the question is ... it depends !

Here's what you should be asking yourself

  • How much effort are you goint to put into it?
  • How many hours a week do you have available
  • Do you give up at the first obstacle
  • Whats unique about you
  • Why would you succeed where others have failed

As a full time property sourcer, the potential is vast, we're talkign tens of thousands of pounds every single month depending on how much you have the property sourcing systemised. 

Property Sourcing UK - make or break time?

I've worked with clients who have hundreds of sales going through every year.

I've also seen people struggle to get their first deal across the line and then give up. 

But while Property Sourcing is difficult, for those that actually find the deals and learn to sell them on, the potential to earn a great income from it is definitely there.

What about Property Sourcing Compliance?

So you MUST be a compliant property sourcer.

From an ethical standpoint, why would you NOT want to be a compliant property sourcer?

Why would you want to run the risk?

It simply makes no sense to me, so we cover compliance ni the training somewhat, but also show you where to get the best training and help available on property sourcing compliance (She's one of my previous clients!)

20 Years Experience in Property !

So yep, I've actually been investing in the UK Property Market for more than 20 years now.

And in that time, I've pretty much seen and done everything possible from rent to rent to lease options, exchange and delayed completions, to key undertakings, HMO's Serviced Accomodation and normal buy to let !

In in those 20 years, I've purchased 95% of the properties Ive sourced and kept them for myself, and the other 5% Ive sold onto to other investors as the properties weren't in my own specific area. Property Sourcing UK

Here's The Property Sourcing UK Training Curriculum once more ...
Property Sourcing Training Curriculum with Daniel Latto

Property SourcingUK  Training Curriculum with Daniel Latto

Property Sourcing Training with a Property Sourcing Coach

Property Sourcing Training with a Property Sourcing Coach

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