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  • Property Sourcing : One of the biggest things that Property Sourcers struggle with is credibility.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had a rent to renter message me on openrent and talk about all their experience in providing ‘guaranteed rent’.

And when I ask for their company name, it turns out to be a company they created 2 weeks ago. Dig further, and they’ve been on a weekend course the weekend before that.

Nothing wrong with weekend courses of course, people have to start somewhere, but you have to know how to move the conversation towards your credibility in OTHER ways.

During the pandemic, I sasw too many ‘guaranteed rent’ businesses NOT guarantee the rent … as apparantly a pandemic meant they didn’t have to … which is ridiculous for the person whp put their trust in you of course.

From rent to renters, to property sourcers walking into Estate Agents and saying the same thing over and over again to the Estate Agent who’s heard it a thousands times that week, you need to change up how you do things.

This is not a transactional relationship – it’s a relationship relationship. And it needs to be built upon.

Otherwise how are you going to differentiate yourself from all the other property sourcers, all saying the same thing ?

Double sided double sized business cards that fold, with your picture on them, a call to action and a space to make notes is just the beginning of it. And most people refuse to do that as ‘they’re too expensive’.

Nobody said building credibility was going to be cheap – but you’ve spent all this money on property sourcing compliance, and yet you can’t spend £200 on awesome looking business cards – which aren’t their first impression (you are), but it’s their LASTING IMPRESSION.

Make it look good.

In addition to this, the way you walk, how you sound, your confidence levels when you do speak, and the specific words that come out of your mouth are all important too.

This shouldnt be just something you’ve made up on the spot and the words in this order have never left your mouth yet.

It needs to be practiced, with objections handled BEFORE they’re asked.

It’s effectively a sales call, and while some people will say you can’t script a sales call, those are the same people that don’t make money (Because it’s a limiting belief)

It doesn’t need to be a strict script, it’s a fuzzy blueprint that enables you to hit all the areas you need to hit in this conversation, handle the objections you already know they have about you and what you’re doing, and allows you to build the relationship so that they may start to offer some deals for you.

Estate agents see a hundred investors a week … and all of them are ‘cash buyers’ (They rarely are), and if you don’t differentiate yourself in some way, you’re going to lose in this sea of property sourcers that have come onto the market.

There’s plenty of money in sourcing, but only the good ones actually get it.

And the good ones started out as bad ones too by the way (including me – I was also dreadful the first time I did this)

Experience counts, using the right words in the right order counts, having credibility counts.

You must build that to be taken seriously, otherwise you’re just like every other property sourcer out there.

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