Property Sourcing – Could You Make Money With This Deal. 20% In Hertfordshire With £94,000 of Equity

Here is a property in Hertfordshire that has become available through a property sourcer.

The deal is at 20% below market value and that gives you equity of £94,000.  As a property sourcer, what do you think your chances are of selling this deal on?

Pretty high I’d say.

You could very easily package this deal on to an investor who will  add value to the property and then sell it on to the open market.  £94,000 gives people a lot of room to make improvements with and still make a profit.

Or alternatively you could keep the deal for yourself and then use the profit that you make from selling it on to purchase rental properties.  You will see in the video why I would recommend this as a flip rather than a rental.

Take a look at the video and think about what you would do to sell this deal on.

Overseas Property Investors

I am seeing more and more property investors from overseas building up a property portfolio here in the UK.  Given the state of the £ at the moment compared to the euro it is clear to see how it is easier for European investors to leverage their currency to buy properties here.

As a property sourcer you could make it your speciality that you source deals for foreign investors.  When the £ becomes stronger again, they are also going to get more of their own currency coming to them.  This creates a great win-win situation for you and them.

If you would like to know more about how to become a property investor then you can learn about how to do it the correct way in a video that I have put together for you.  This video will teach you how to

  • source new deals
  • how to know if they are the right deals
  • how to package those deals
  • how to sell those deals

To access the video, just click here

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