Property Sourcing Compliance

March 21, 2021
Property Sourcing Compliance

Property Sourcing Compliance - Do You need it ?

So property sourcing compliance is a very important aspect of being a Property Sourcer, so I made a quick video about being Property Sourcing Compliant.

The short answer by the way ... (in case you wanted to skip the video!) is YES, you DO need to be compliant as a Property Sourcer.

The Easiest and Most Cost Effective Way for Property Sourcing Compliance is with the Compliance Vault

Property Sourcing Compliance

Before you purchase any expensive property sourcing weekend training courses, I've put together a complete, comprehensive property sourcing training package for just £27 that will show you everything you need to know about property sourcing in an easy, step by step guide.

In this training we also include some work around being compliant as a property sourcer.

But first a word about Property Sourcing compliance.

1. Property Sourcing is  hard work and not a get rich quick scheme.

This is the same as starting a business, as that's exactly how you need to treat it. You can put a lot of work in and not see immediate results.   Alternatively, you may get lucky on your first deal.

2. There is property sourcing compliance in this industry.

There is, I know some property sourcing trainers would prefer to just sweep these under the carpet, but you MUST be compliant. Luckily we go through this, and we'll show you the precise resource you need to make this journey easier. Again, let me be very clear, there is Property Sourcing Compliance in this industry, and the fines can be pretty big.

3. It IS possible to make a good living from doing property deals.

So hopefully I've not put you off too much, but it IS possible to make a good living doing property deals once you get the business systemised and you're confident in what you're doing.

To find property sourcing deals consistently, it will take time of course, just like any other business.

The Easiest and Most Cost Effective Way for Property Sourcing Compliance is with the Compliance Vault

Daniel Latto

Daniel Latto

Daniel Latto has been involved in property for more than 25 years, including as a Property Sourcing Agent, a Lettings Agency owner as well as the owner of a multi-million pound property portfolio in Leeds.

He now lives in Spain next to the Mediterranean Sea, with his family and owns millions of pounds of property in the Leeds area, along with a Digital Marketing Company, and provides Business & Property Coaching advice to clients in the UK.

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