Property Sourcing Compliance – Staying Legal | Video Introduction to the Podcast

Property Sourcing Compliance

Podcast 117 – Property Sourcing Compliance – Staying Legal

Property Sourcing Compliance – sounds like a bit of a waste of time doesn’t it.

But not if you want to stay legal.

So many people who are property sourcers are simply not commpliant, and this puts their business at risk, and in turn their clients too.

This is the Video Introduction to Podcast 117 – Property Sourcing Compliance – you can listen to the podcast now.


Property Sourcing has become a major obsession for many getting started in property. And rightly so.  Being able to source a property legally, at upto 40% off it’s open market value is a powerful skillset to learn.

If you’re wanting to learn how to become a property sourcer, then that podcast is here 

Property Sourcing Compliance.

The question is, are you doing it legally ?

Property Sourcing Compliance
Property Sourcing Compliance

If you’re a Property Sourcer, and you want to stay above the law (of course you do!) then Tina Walsh can help you get there.

I see so many property sourcers who are not compliant, nows the time to do something about it before you get found out and fined (The penalties even include jail time).

You can reach out to Tina Walsh at her website

But do your research as this is really a very important aspect of your business to get right.


The last thing you need is a knock at the door by the wrong people but it can and will happen.

I get that marketing your property sourcing business is very important, but being compliant as a property sourcer is vital too.

It’s one of those ‘protection’ cards you get in Monopoly (like the ‘get out of jail free’ card) – it doesnt feel useful when you win it, until you have to go to jail in the monopoly game, and it’s at that point you’re grateful you have it !

So – go and listen to the podcast here

Hope you enjoy it !

Daniel Latto


Property Sourcing Compliance

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