Property Sourcing COmpliance

Introducing the most cost effective and easiest method to be compliant in your property business

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Who needs to be compliant as a property sourcer ?

  • A Property Sourcer
  • Estate or Lettings Agency
  • A Property Investor

What does being compliant cost ?

When you add up EVERYTHING you need in order to become complaint, it costs £2,245 to become fully compliant (as of today - 31st Jan 2022)

The Compliance Vault - cuts that price almost in half  at just £1,200.

Take a look at everything you get, then fill in the form ...

Property Sourcing Compliance
Compliance Vault
Property Sourcing Compliance
Property Sourcing Compliance

Why do you need Property Sourcing Compliance ?

If you're a Property Sourcer, then you're acting in exactly the same capacity as say an Estate Agent.  Obviously Estate Agents need to be compliant, and because you're sourcing properties for investors, you'll also need to be property sourcing compliant.  

The only problem with this is that it can be a very expensive process to go through the property sourcing compliance regulations, and so this Compliance Vault makes it much easier, and much cheaper to get yourself compliant as a property sourcer.

That way, you can rest assured that when you're out chasing property deals for your next property client, you're all totally legal and above board.

The Compliance Vault doesn't just save you (A LOT) of money, it saves you the time and the hassle of having to go to all these different places to get it sorted.  Plus, alongside that you get access to some great extra goodies from Sourcing Investments, the company who provide the Compliance Vault.

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