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November 18, 2016

How would you like a property with £37,000 equity, fully tenanted with positive cashflow?  Doesn’t that sound great?

Well in fact this deal that came through has 3 of these properties together packaged as single deals.

If you are looking to buy properties like this, then you can take on all 3 of these and start generating around £750 a month in profit.  Not turnover but profit.  Even better is that you don’t have to find any tenants as they are already living in the property.

If you are the person that sourced this deal, how easy do you think that it will be to sell these deals on for £3,000 each?

Pretty easy I’d say.  The sourcing fee that you charge is covered 12 times over in the equity and the rental income will provide the buyer with a nice income for the long term.

Of course sourcing these deals is the first part you need to learn about.  You need to find out

  • how to find them
  • how to package them
  • how to sell them

This is how you are going to make your money as a property sourcer.  That cash that you generate can then be put into assets (rental properties) that generate cash on a monthly basis.  This is how I can get up on a Monday morning and play on the Xbox if I choose to.  If I don’t want to work then I don’t have to.

This is the avenue that being a property sourcer can take you down.  I’ve made a recording showing you how to become a property sourcer and start finding deals like this.  To access the recording all you need to do is click here to watch it.

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