Property Sourced Deal in Middlesborough, 20% Below Market Value – Package Up and Sell?


Here is an example of a good rental for a family home.  I am a big fan of turning properties into HMOs  (Houses of Multiple Occupation or multi-lets as they are now called) but this is one that I would turn into a family home.

One of the main things with selling one of these deals to the public (and an investor that is looking for family lets) is to add some little value items to this that would be suitable for the type of family that would rent a home like this.

I would do things like adding a swing in the back garden.  Concreting it in so that it is safe to use.  It also helps people with young families to see themselves being there much easier.

Have a look at the video and let me know that you think.

If you would like to learn more about how to package this type of property and also how to source it, I have something for you.

I have put together a video showing you how to become a property sourcer.

In this video you will learn about everything you need to know to get started from fining these deals to selling them on.  To access the video simply click here

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