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Property Podcast – Latest Download Available

In this Property Podcast interview, I speak with 2 time #1 Bestselling Author Atuksha Poonwassie about Property Investing through Crowdfunding and Customer Relationship Management.

At the time of recoding, both books have been released and hit #1 on Amazon in the same week!

The books are called
>> Simple Crowdfunding
>> Cave to Castle

Property Podcast

You can email Atuksha at info@simplebacking.co.uk and their website is www.simplebacking.co.uk

We also discuss their property journey and how they go into property investing.

In my property coaching package, we introduce clients to property sourcers who can source deals around 20% to 25% off the Open Market Value. This can often mean that property can be a hands off investment.

During the interview Atuksha explains how she bought, refurbed and sold to be begin with and how they are moving into larger Multilet properties.

As a successful business woman and property investor, I also asked Atuksha about who she admires, and what motivates & inspires her.

You can listen to Part 1 below …

Part 1 …

Once you’ve downloaded Part 1, then go straight to Part 2.

Part 2 …

If you want to download ALL of these Property Podcasts, then you can subscribe for all of them here : Download All The Podcasts Here

You can download and listen directly on your mobile device using iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud so that you can listen to the Property Podcast on the go, on the train, whilst running or driving, etc.

If you’ve never downloaded a Property podcast before, then this is the one you should begin with.

It makes information easy to consume, gets you access to the latest Property Investing strategies and provides a healthy dose of inspiration (“If they can do it, perhaps I can”).

So go ahead, download this and all the other Property Investing Podcasts, and start your journey learning from the best Property Experts in the industry.

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Property Podcast

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