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June 18, 2020

In the UK, the process of property deal sourcing is an essential aspect of the property investment landscape. A property sourcer's role is critical in ensuring that property investors find a deal that aligns with their investment goals. This involves thorough research of the area to locate suitable property deals that promise good deals in terms of cash flowing and return on investment.

The deal sourcers work closely with estate agents, utilising their expertise in finding a property that meets specific investment criteria. Once a suitable property deal is identified, the deal packaging business comes into play. This involves the preparation and presentation of the property to investors, for which a sourcing fee is usually paid upfront.

Furthermore, property sourcers must adhere to legal requirements, including anti-money laundering checks and data protection policies, to ensure the integrity of their operations. They also need to have professional indemnity insurance and public liability to protect against potential claims. Additionally, being a part of a property redress scheme can enhance their credibility and offer recourse in case of disputes.

In summary, property sourcing and deal packaging in the UK requires a blend of market knowledge, legal compliance, and a commitment to ethical business practices, all aimed at securing profitable property investments for clients.

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Buying cash flowing properties for investors can be a great way to get started in property sourcing and deal packaging, but you'll always need to have professional indemnity insurance and public liability and also as a sourcer you need to cover your  anti money laundering regulations and be in a property redress scheme.

If you find a deal, then you can earn a decent sourcing fee for the right property investment in your deal packaging business but you must find a suitable property deal. 

As a sourcer, it's rare to get paid upfront, but there are plenty of good deals out there, some even from estate agents. 

When it comes to finding a property you need to do the right amount of research of the area and then the deal sourcers job is to find property investors to match up the deal with.

Finally as a property sourcer, don't forget you'll need your data protection policy in place.

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