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In this video I talk about a way in which you can get started in Property Investing even if you have limited funds to begin with.

Property Coaching

I’ve been providing Property Coaching services for a number of years now, and in that time the market has changed a number of times.

But we’ve still been able to advise property investors as to the best places to put their money to get the best returns.

Remember, if you’re buying from an Estate Agent, you’re paying ‘Retail’ prices.

We always recommend buying at Below Market Value, so that if the market shifts downards, you still have enough equity in the property.

In addition, if the market shifts upwards, not only have you got the equity you originally started with, but you have now the additional equity because the market has increased in value.

Couple this with great cash flow, then you’re on your way towards financial freedom through property investing.

benefits of property coaching - fb version

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