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Property Coaching and Property Mentoring

One of the biggest areas of coaching i’ve been asked to provide is in the property coaching & property mentoring arena. Finding a Property Mentor however can be incredibly hard, as there are so many newer coaches coming into the arena because they’ve had 12 good months so far.  As a Property Coach, I’ve been investing in property for over 20 years.

In addition to this, I owned my own lettings agency for 10 years (sold February 2010) – buying property is the fun bit, it’s managing it that’s the hardest. Any good Property Mentor will show you how to manage your properties too, it’s not always about getting access to the asset, but about managing it properly.

Property Coaching & Property Mentoring



What do we cover in our Property Mentoring Sessions

During my property coaching sessions, we cover everything from basic Yield and ROI calculations, through to my ‘Quality Street’ method of getting estate agents on board, and sourcing properties significantly below market value.

My best discount on a property was 48% (an awful divorce, they just wanted rid of the property, and a quick sale enabled them to move forward with their lives). We completed on that property in 10 days (we used an indemnity insurance to get us through the legal searches and used Bridging Finance to get the deal through initially.

Property Mentoring With Daniel Latto

Who else uses Daniel Latto for Property Mentoring ?

My Property Mentor services have also been called upon to provide property coaching  to two of the biggest property education companies in the UK. Whilst I had all the experience as a Property Investor, I didn’t have the experience as a Property Mentor, and ensuring that my methodologies could be shared.


These days, I love being personally responsible for helping people perform at their very best, learn how to invest in property, and implement strategies that can help drive property deals & leads to your door along with helping them with mindset and Time Management techniques to keep them on track.

During your Property mentoring, a great Property Coach won’t just show you how to invest in property, they should be showing you how to perform to your best abvility, help you spot gaps that you can improve on and over all improve your life.  We all know ‘more money’ it’s important – it is for all of us, but just having more money at the expense of losing other things important to you isn’t really going to help yo in the long term.

Which is why my Property Mentoring is unlike anyone elses.

We’ve ended up sorting out all sorts of issues that had nothing to do with property coaching at all – because being ‘holistic’ is vital for the overall growth.

So for example, if you’re family life is struggling, that will affect your health.  If you health is poor, then that will affect your business or your family life.  So as you move forward, it’s vital that you try to find a balance on all the important areas in life.

What are the areas to focus on ?

  • Personal relationship (usually this means your significant other)
  • Money (This specifically refers to cashflow each month)
  • Wealth (This refers to the assets that create the cashflow, ie Property)
  • Health – gotta be healthy, regular exercise, not to much junk food
  • Faith (in some form, your connection with your God (I’m an Atheist by the way), or your conenction to the Universe, higher spirit, ‘something’ – whatever it is for you, which also includes ‘nothing at all’ (this would then be faith in yourself!)

Property Mentoring & Property Coaching

In my experience as Property Mentor, I find that people try and focus just on MONEY. And that’s it.  When actually, it’s a wide range of skills and areas that will get you the success you’ve been looking for.

hen I first started in Property Investment in 1996, there was no such thing as a Property Coach or a Property Mentor, so I had to do it all myself – I was literally learning on the job, and had no Property Mentor ask for guidance or support

In fact I made loads of mistakes – and looking back I wish there had been someone such as a Property Coach to help me avoid the pitfalls, and also some of the people in the industry who perhaps you may want to avoid.

Experience Counts

When you start your Property Mentoring you need t ensure that your coach has enough experience in all sorts of areas, not just property.  I see the young 22 year olds coming in and providing property coaching services, and that’s fine – but they have no real life experience nor have the been in it for the long term and had to overcome the bumps in the road that are inevitably on their way!

Having said that, it was also a great way to learn, and so my experiences are used today to help other people who are just beginning their journey through my Property Mentoring.

Property Coaching & Property Mentoring Tips

In fact, while reading this, let me give you some top tips on how become a property investor, or how to fast track your property growth.

1. Start with the end in mind – if you don’t know what you want, specifically, then how will you know when you have got it ? Get these things written down (out of your head and onto the paper).

2. Work out exactly how much money you want to earn each month – I call this your ‘freedom figure’ and it’s important to know exactly how much it is. Let’s assume for now it’s £2,000 per month, which for many people is pretty close to the figure.  Is that 10 properties at £200 profit per month, or is it 4 properties that earn £500 per month. One of my clients is making £1,600 profit per month on a SINGLE PROPERTY.  I bet you’d love to know how that is done !

3. Get yourself into a position of being able to buy the right property at a moments notice.  Many people are not prepared, and so when the deal of the century comes around (usually about once a week if you know where to look), then you have to be ready to pounce on it.

4. Work out your location – is it near you, is it up north? Where is it, and whats the strategy going to be ?

5. Get yourself signed up for my Property Coaching and Wealth creation Podcasts – a podcast dedicated to bringing you up to speed in property and business.

Hopefully, these tips have got you thinking a bit (I know they have in fact) – so perhaps now is the time to take that next step and get some professional Property Coaching.


Property Mentoring Advice : Run The Numbers

You know, from the age of 22, I had ran the numbers on property investing hundreds and hundreds of times, and yet it took another 4 years to start buying – and I missed all that opportunity of great deals.  Don’t leave your’s too late – otherwise things will be the same in another year or two – commit to taking action now, and start getting the life you deserve.

Property Coaching & Property Mentoring
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Property Coaching

Property Mentor – Where I live now

This is my Villa in Valencia, Spain.  If i’ve done it – then so can you. It’s not easy.  In fact, it’s been hard work. But that’s because I couldn’t get access to a Property Mentor. I know personally from the coaches and mentors I’ve had just how quickly they can motivate and inspire you to take action, and to help you get results quicker.

Am I lucky or a ‘one off’ ?

I’m not exceptional in that I have 17 degrees, rich parents or stumbled on some magic trick to make wealth.

I had to work for everything I have.  I even left school with just 5 GCSE’s went and did a Btec in Computers (I only just passed!) and started University but dropped out after 6 months (when my exams were coming up and I had literally done NOTHING!)

My first job was stacking shelves in ASDA at £1.65 an hour!  It feels like I’ve done every job going including being a ‘packer’ in a computer retailer, through to selling Servers at DELL.  I’ve done it all, and lots in between.  I only managed to stay 2 days at PC WORLD because I thought ‘what a load of rubbish’ and decided to leave.

But the one thing I did know was that I didn’t want to work for someone else and have a shitty boss (does this sound familiar?).  I knew I wanted to get into property to make a difference in my life so that I get to choose when to work, and with whom.

Now almost 20 years from starting I’m finally here and thats why I offer my services as a property mentor; because I’ve been through pretty much where you are.

Has the market changed? Of course it has.

Are things different now? Of course they are.

But is it impossible? Of course it isn’t.

But you have to be prepared to put in the work in order to get what you want.  As a Property Mentor, i’m here to help you on your journey.  Property Mentoring can be so rewarding when the clients actually take the action, and get the work done, and come through the other side.  It’s sometimes hard work, and the hardest part in all of this is the mindset aspect.


You’ll want to give up. But that burning desire of where you want to get to (or burning hatred of where you want to disappear from) will motivate and inspire you to take actions and get the results you never thought you could. Signing up for a Property Mentoring programme doesn’t guarantee that of course.  But it definitely increases not only the probability of you getting the results you want, but will also speed up those results so you get them quicker.

Here’s a video about ‘Dealing With Overwhelm’ that may help …



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Want to Become A Property Sourcer ?

As a Property Mentor, I love it when a client finds a deal, finds the buyer and then makes the money in the middle (as a broker). Below you’ll find some of the things you need to make happen as a Property Sourcer, and then further below that there are a couple of videos that shows the types of deals that you can make by becoming a Property Sourcer.

Example Property Deals

Here’s a few example of the Property Deals that you can get access to.

Another Property Deal sourced – this time in Middlesborough.

The person who sourced this deal will earn a commission once it’s sold (we call it a sourcing fee or a packaging fee).

We get presented with deals all day long. People make money either by charging a sourcing fee, or by buying the property below market value and then either keeping it or selling it on.

Lots of money to be made if you can learn how to do it.

I don’t generally buy commercial properties these days, but we like to provide a selection of some of the great deals we get every day on our desk.

This one is no exception – take a look.


Is it Easy To Become A Property Sourcer ?

It’s like anything – at first you won’t have a clue what you’re doing, but with the right Property Mentor, and the right support, you can soon start finding your first deals.

How Much Can I Make ?

So as a rule of thumb … it depends !

I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for, but I’ve seen some terrible deals going for £4,500 – which is top end.  But you don’t want to be providing crappy deals that don’t stack up even if you are going to make £4,500.  That’s because your reputation in this industry is vital.

You want to make less money (yep – you read that right) and make sure you’re providing excellent value for money on your deals, rather than trying to rip someone off for short term gain.  It’s simply not worth it.

How quickly can I get results

Literally it can happen the next day !  Or it can take longer.  It’s the same again – the harder you work, the quicker you will get your results.  Too many people simply give up because they’re not getting the results when actually they need to keep on going, keep on moving one step in front of the other to get what you need.  Thats why investing in a Property Mentor is vital to your success.  They can keep you going when your head goes down and you think you can’t do anymore.

Is It Easy?

Of course not!  If it was then everyone would be doing it wouldn’t they. It’s bloody hard work, a steep learning curve and although results CAN happen quickly, they can also take a while to come through.

Hope all that’s useful for you – remember to check in with our Property Mentoring Podcasts !


Daniel Latto

Property Mentor Daniel Latto






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