Property Coaching Review : 10 properties, paying £2k per month in less than 6 months

Lease option Training

Just on Facebook Chat with a Property Coaching Client who is on his TENTH Lease Option Deal that generates £2k per month cashflow in just 6 months.

You have to admire the amount of action, tenacity and dedication to getting the deals done.

How would an extra £2k per month do for you ?

When we first started our coaching just 6 short months ago, he was living overseas (and still does) and couldnt ge a UK based Buy to Let Mortgage.

So the next choice then, was to invest in Lease Options whilst building up his credit footprint here in the UK.  To build up a credit footprint, it will take time, a few years at least.

So in the meantime we wanted him investing and starting to generate casfhlow so that WHEN he could eventually buy, he could get a mortgage.

So, fast forward 6 months to today, and he is looking to complete on his TENTH Lease Option Property Deal.

He generates £2,000 per month in positive cashflow.

He has assets that he now controls that will more than likely go up in value over the term of the option (10 years give or take).  He can either sell them, hand the keys back, or purchase them.

But during this time, he’s making cashflow each and every month (£2k x 12 months x 10 years is £240,000 in cashflow over the next ten years!)

If you want this level of success in your Property Business, then you need coaching from an expert who can help you achieve that.

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Daniel Latto

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