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May 12, 2015

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 “Property Has The Ability To Generate Cash Flow Month In, Month Out, But Only If You Buy Right.”

The Secret To My Success Has Been High Yielding Property Purchased Below Market Value.


  • Learn from a Multi Million Pound Property Investor with 17 years of experience
  • Flip property at a profit, how to choose the right houses for the right markets and the right target audience
  • Rent property for long term growth, including access to all our tenancy agreements, letters and systems to optimising rents and managing your properties
  • Show you how we use HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation) to maximise rental income
  • A strategy for buying properties for Below Market Value (BMV) that you can copy and implement
  • Dealing with Estate Agents, negotiating with vendors for great discounts.

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Success Stories

Jon Case - ManchesterJon (and his Property Journey) is at the beginning of his Journey but in the first 12 months he has closed a £2,000 property deal, negotiated a rent free house share to cut his costs (just his bills to pay), currently negotiating a rent to rent property that will generated between £300 and £400 per month whilst increasing his earning potential by increasing his salary from £15k to a £30-45k OTE position.
Overseas Investor (Doesn’t want to be named) : He lives overseas and so can’t purchase using a mortgage.  Since starting his coaching, he now manages SEVEN Lease option deals that generate between £200 and £350 per month income.
375686_10151933612775080_610517761_nTony and Tina in the last 12 months have generated £34,000 in Property Sourcing Fees alone. You can read about them in our Case Study. In addition to earning that income, they’re also on their journey to buying property to rent out. Tina has finally left her job !

Mr X (He doesn’t want to be recognised as he’s quite well known) – He signed up for Property Coaching, and within 8 hours, had secured his first property deal.

The details : This was house valued on the open market at £50,000 house, purchased at £40,000 (20% discount).  The mortgage is just £125, and the property pays £385 rent per month.  Before other costs (such as boiler insurance and buildings insurance, letting agent, etc), the owner is making cash flow of £260 per month.

 And there are many more investors who have purchased coaching and bought properties Below Market Value with high yielding returns.



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With 17 years of experience in Property Investing, I’m here to help you make the right decisions about purchasing.

You’ll get regular contact with me every 2 weeks and by the end of our coaching together, you’ll have a plan to continue your growth through property.

If you’re looking for a Property mentor who has been there and gone through the process of buying, refurbing, selling and renting property then you should sign up.

I’m here to accelerate your results. 

We START this process by making sure you’re a good match for my Coaching.  To begin with, we start with a session on Skype working through your Goals, we’ll look at what you want to achieve and work out whether if I’m going to be the right coach for you.

Once we’ve identified the path for you to go down (flipping property, buy to rent, dealing with vendors directly, etc) then we’ll put the plan in place.

Our record is 6 HOURS from first coaching session, to securing the first property.

You get Two x one on one Coaching Sessions with Daniel Latto (via Skype)  which provides plenty of time for training and focus on the right strategy, helping you buy the right property, and getting the best deal at a discount.

You’ll get access to all my strategies for property gained over the last 17 years, including 12 years owning my own letting agency.

At the end of these 9 months, you’ll become wealthier, healthier & stronger (both physically and mentally) and with a supportive network of positive, like minded people. You’ll know exactly where you’re going, your confidence about your abilities will increase and your dreams will come alive.

If you’re ready for property, then, depending on your personal circumstances (everyone is different!), then you’ll have started with at least your first one and onto the next 2, 3 or 4.  If you’re already started, you’ll have more, and be better managed with them.  If you have little cash, we’ll look at ways to generate cash quickly so you’ll have a lot more on a monthly basis which in turn and over time can be used to invest in property, possibly by using Lease options.

I’m excited about this coaching programme, and you should be excited too as it’s the very start of your journey into financial freedom.

For those signing up and taking action, this will be a transformational year ahead, one in which you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner.

There’s no question that I’ve really benefited from having my own Coaches. I’ve generated tens of thousands of pounds of extra income, streamlined my business and organised and systemised it so that I no longer had to work IN the business, but was able to work ON the business.  I know the difference a coach can make. Someone who has been there and understand what you’re going through right now in the four main areas of your life.

I can’t wait to get started, and look forward to working together to help you make the dream work.

A Closer Look At Your Coach

Daniel Latto with Richard Branson

 I’ve been Nominated for Small Business Coach of the Year 2013 & Business Coach of The Year 2014.  I own around £5 million of Property, I live in Valencia, Spain and fly regularly into the UK every 14 days or so.

I’m recently married and living life to the max just 150 metres from the beach.  To help you plan an amazing life, and then step into it and live it for real.

My life wasn’t always like this.  Like many people, I struggled with a poor mindset, poor strategies and poor relationships.  All of that started to change once I started to take responsibility for my own results.

I’ve been investing in Property for 17 years and am a multi million pound property owner.


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Property Coaching

Invest in Your #1 Asset. You !