Take Your Business Through The Stratosphere


Imagine spending 3 days with just you and me, next to the Med, working on your business and your mindset.

Thats that 3 day Breakthough Experience.

Usually. it’s not your skills or strategy thats stopping you.

It’s your MINDSET.

Let me show you how to add ZERO’s at the end of your income statement this year. It’s all within your grasp.

By the end of your 3 day Breakthrough Experience, you will have

  • 3 Days intensive break down your business and rebuilding from the ground up

  • Sales Funnels in place = More traffic than ever before and a marketing plan that works

  • Conversions in place which means less work, more money

  • More Business, More Income, More time available

  • A Plan for purchasing Property Below Market Value (Which means even if the property market went lower – you would still be profitable)

  • An ability to both find and close Lease Option and Rent to Rent Deals

  • More time than ever before using my Friday Night Review Time Management System

The Most Important Change – YOU.




As a Business Leader, your job is to lead.  In order for you to do that you must have vision, clarity, and more importantly the right mindset to carry your business forward.

The biggest change I can make in your business, is in the way you operate, you think and the way in which you take action.  Imagine just a 10% increase in your efficiency, and the changes that makes over the long term. My goal is to completely turn on it’s head the way you are operating now, and show you how to increase your efficiency, getting more done in less time.

When you attend the Personal Breakthrough Experience, you’ll leave here CHANGED.

The Personal Breakthrough Experience





During this Transformational 3 Day Business & Property Training, Coaching & Mentoring Session,
You Will Discover :

  • Goal Setting including Quantum Goal Setting Induction
  • Business Structure and Process Flow
  • Drive Traffic Through SEO and Social Media Platforms
  • Design Your Destiny / Perfect Day Design
  • Content Creation and Distribution Channels for more Traffic
  • Emotional Obliterator – remove emotions holding you back such as Fear, Hurt, Anger
  • Decision Destroyer – Home in the on the decisions you once made that have been keeping hold over your results
  • Forgiveness Process – When you forgive others, you’re really forgiving a part of yourself, and this Propels Your Results.
  • Discover how to become and Authority in Your Field
  • How to instantly INCREASE PROFITS
  • How to Use Video To Drive More Traffic
  • Playing the Numbers Game : Prospects into Customers
  • Support & Accountability
  • How creating podcasts can increase your visibility, make you more credible and increase your 10X lead generation.
  • Complete INBOUND MARKETING STRATEGY that I use in my businesses and includes SEO, Social Media, Content Creation, Back linking Strategy and Much more !
  • All food and drink over the weekend is included during the daytimes. Evening meals are at your own expense
  • It’s just a small group and with Myself.  100% about you, your business and your success.




See what Darren Hunt said about his Breakthrough Experience

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In Just 3 Days, We’ll Cover Everything You Need To Breakthrough To The Next Level, which MAY include ANY of the following


  • Flip property at a profit, how to choose the right houses for the right markets and the right target audience
  • Rent property for long term growth, including access to all our tenancy agreements, letters and systems to optimising rents and managing your properties
  • Show you how we use HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation) to maximise rental income
  • A strategy for buying properties for Below Market Value (BMV) that you can copy and implement
  • Dealing with Estate Agents, negotiating with vendors for great discounts.
  • Finding Lease Option and Rent to Rent Properties to increase your monthly cashflow


  • Which business models work and how you can improve yours
  • Use the latest Marketing strategies including Facebook, Webinars, Strategy Sessions to increase your revenues
  • What your website MUST have in order to be successful
  • How to raise Prices and work less
  • How to Outsource some of the mundane tasks or those that you do not wish to do
  • How to create videos to help you sell more product or generate leads
  • SEO training to drive more website traffic
  • Advanced NLP Sales Skills training
  • How to create webinars that sell, and how to market them


  • How Values shape our relationships and how to discover your partners values so that you relationship can flourish
  • Why your relationship in the past may not have worked, and how to make sure your current one, or your next one will.
  • How to make sure you inject passion back into your relationship and gets some ‘YOU’ time (even if you have lots of kids)


  • Look at improving your health and encourage one another in a friendly manner and push each other along
  • How to eat right, exercise right for optimal health
  • Compare and share your success stories with those around you so that you can enjoy the journey more and be inspired by other peoples achievements too.

Accelerator Processes

  • The Quantum Goal Setting Process (guided imagery hypnotic induction)
  • How to become accountable to yourself without needing anyone external
  • How to overcome your fears on practically anything
  • How to develop the lifestyle you dreamed about and have it now, rather than having to wait
  • Friday Night Review Time Management System

The Result ?

  • A Business that now has all the foundations in place
  • More Revenue
  • Less Costs
  • More Profitable Clients
  • A Step By Step Marketing System
  • All being lead by YOU, a Transformational and Inspirational Leader
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So If You Need

  • A Very Clear Business Plan
  • A Sizzling & Compelling Irresistible Offer
  • A Very Effective Business Model That Works
  • An Effective Marketing System
  • A Clear Company Message
  • An Effective Sales Conversion System

Then this is for you …

This amazing 3 Day Business & Property Training & Coaching Package will more than just revitalise your business – it’ll revitalise you.  It will transform your life, giving you fresh insights into what’s been holding you back for so long.  It will give you increased confidence, energy and power to implement the strategies you will learn that can accelerate your business growth.


Where is it Held?

We like to get you away from it all, and with that in mind, where better than our own Villa with Private Pool, just North of Valencia in Spain. We’re literally 100 metres from the beach.

Accommodation isn’t included as you will stay at the local 4* hotel where prices are incredibly low.

Food is included throughout the 3 days during the daytime (evenings meals extra) and working from our villa and beautiful local area to get your mind away from the UK, so that you’re refreshed, energised and ready to go for the learnings that you’ll obtain throughout the 3 days.

At the end of our 3 days, you can either head home, or spend a day or two sampling the Millionaire Lifestyle. Come & get a Paddle Surfing lesson, or go sailing. Prices are reasonable (25 Euros for a Paddle Surfing lesson)

beach paddle-surf-lesson
promenade 11392786_10152925027301161_3602661692923283614_n
sea sailing
11181201_10152860958446161_3993891496665869082_n  paddle-surf


Just 30 minutes from Castellon Airport, it’s easy to get to, and cheap flights abound around the £50-£100 mark for a return (Stansted Airport).

What we find when we run events away from your home, is that you can immerse yourself in what you’re doing, although we have wi-fi – we recommend that you stay away from your phone, your email and the outside world in order to focus and BE PRESENT with what you’re doing here.

When Is It On ?

  • At a date and time to suit you

P.S. It’s very warm during the summer months – so Paddle Surfing is highly likely  – but let me know when you’re thinkin and we can look at dates to suit.

Arrive Hungry To Get Going, Leaving Knowing You Now Have Your Plan To Move Forward This Year.


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What’s The Cost?

The price for this 3 Day Breakthrough Experience is just £3,250

You will need to book your own flights (Tuesday to Saturday flights are very well priced from Stansted to Castellon via Ryanair), and local hotel accommodation (4* hotel is again very well priced)

Who Is Your Coach & Trainer?

My Name is Daniel Latto.

Daniel Latto dan with dog
Daniel Latto Daniel Latto

You may have seen me on Channel 5’s Secret Interview, or you may have seen me speak throughout the UK about Property Investing, Building Businesses, or just getting the crowd warmed up for Secret Millionaire Kevin Green.

Either way, you’ll know me as a straight talking, action taking kind of guy, one who does what he teaches from the stage.


I’m a very successful property investor with a £7 Million Property Portfolio, based mainly in the North of England.

I have over 50,000 YouTube Views and Tens of Thousands of Podcast Downloads,

I’m an NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and an International Business Coach.  I’m just like you – But I’ve worked out what needs to be done to get the job done and created shortcuts to help others achieve it far quicker than I did.

But most of all, I’m known for helping businesses and have helped hundreds of Business Owners Create and Grow their Business.  I’ve helped these Business Owners, who were just like you are now, dramatically increase their revenues and customer footfall.

I’m here to help you become more successful through increasing your business revenues, helping you to invest in property, and take more time off to do what you love.

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Business and Marketing Masterclass UK copy

Let me give you a helping hand.

What if you could learn to create a profitable  business, and you can begin to take MORE time off, and INCREASE your revenues?

Just imagine getting paid big money to do stuff you’re already great at.

Not only do I know that this is possible (I’ve done it), but it’s teachable.  I’ve taught hundreds of Business Owners just like you how to do it, and I can teach you too.


Your ‘Future Self’ Deserves a Better Life. Sign Up Now.

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Author : Daniel Latto