Podcast Masterclass

Podcast Masterclass

Learn Everything You Need To Know In Just An Hour With This Podcast Masterclass Training (With Extra Bonuses!)



Podcast Host, Business Coach, Property Millionaire

Dan’s Podcast has featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy and has had tens of thousands of downloads and created many new leads quickly and cheaply.

Find out how.

  • Tens of Thousands of Downloads Listening To YOUR Message
  • Creates Awareness & Builds Credibility
  • Expert Positioning
  • Low Cost

My Lead Generation Has EXPLODED Due To My Podcasts




In this ONE HOUR TRAINING, you’ll find out which hardware and software you need, how to quickly get started, how to promote and how to get guests. Why have 5 hours of training when you can get EVERYTHING you need in just an hour?

  • Every Small Business Should Have A Podcast

In this 1 hour masterclass, I’ll show you all of the hardware that you need, and all the software that you need to get you started

  • I’ll Show You How To Promote Your Podcast and Make It Part of Your Sales Funnel and Earn You New Email Opt-ins Quicker Than Ever Before
  • I’ll Cover The Different Kinds of Podcasts You Can Create and Why Each One Is Different
  • You’ll Learn How The Podcast System Works and How To Get Yours Uploaded To iTunes, Stitcher, etc
  • You’ll Get INSTANT CREDIBILITY and Be Perceived As An Expert In Your Chosen Field Through Podcasts
  • PLUS:  You’ll Get My “One Minute Video” Free of Charge – A Series of 6 Videos That Show You How To Use Your Phone For YouTube Videos
  • PLUS:  You’ll Get My 27 Minute Video On How To Create Professional Images.  Follow Me As I Show You Step by Step How I Create Professional Looking Cover Graphics For My Podcasts and YouTube Videos
  • PLUS:  You’ll Get My “Pocket Coach” Video Series (Over 2 Hours Worth of Content) Including Goal Setting, Personal Development and Time Management
  • FINALLY:  You’ll Get Your First PODCAST INTERVIEW WITH ME personally and get your first podcast DONE.