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Podcast 37 - How To Be A Property Sourcer

One of the best ways to produce income in property quickly if you haven't got a lot of money to start with, is by learning how to become a property source.  Episode 37.

Podcast 26 – How To Make Money Through Property Refurbishment with Mike Woods

You can make a LOT of money buying properties, doing them up and selling them.  In this podcast, Property Refurb Expert Mike Woods runs through his 3 step system.

Podcast 47 - How To Dominate Your Market With Marketing Assets

Your business will fail if enough people haven't heard about you.  In this podcast I discuss how to create Marketing Assets to generate more leads to your business.

About the Author

Daniel Latto is a Multi-Millionaire Property Investor with properties in the Leeds area.  He now lives next to the Mediterranean Sea in Spain where he helps business owners both solve problems in their business and helps them to invest in income generating assets

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