Podcast 82 – Worrying About Stuff That May Never Happen


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[Caution : Dan Rant!] We all worry about the future. It’s only natural. But when you allow that worry to prevent you from taking action, then we have a problem.

Look – there are always going to be things that get in your way, from the Government, to your Friends & Family, from the very systems that are put in place to try and keep you down and distracted.

But worrying about what may happen needn’t prevent you from attaining your goals.

I go off on my little rant in this podcast (yep – family courts now trying to block an application for a change of child contact – got to love the British Justice System!)

But listen – it’s a passionate podcast that I hope you’ll embrace and go and chase after your dreams. You deserve them to come true.

Let me know how you’re getting on !

Daniel Latto


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