Podcast 63 – The Cost of Having Average Thoughts and Taking Average Action

September 13, 2016


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The cost of doing things like you’ve always done them is what you’re about to miss out on in your own future.

For many that cost is acceptable. Imagine having to go to work for the rest of your life, until you’re 65 (or beyond) ?  For some that’s an easy life, with little fears (other than losing your job, losing your pension, losing your health, getting ill and finally when it’s time to retire not being able to do so).

For others, (Like me – and by the fact you’re reading this, YOU) – this isn’t good enough.

We want more out of life. We don’t want to wait for it.

Heck – why should we?  We make life work on our terms, not the ones that society has made for us (get up go to work, come home, eat tea, play with the kids for half an hour, collapse on the couch and watch crap on the telly and tomorrow … get to do it all over again).

But you need to raise your game – because everything that you’ve done so far has gotten you to here.

Welcome – to understanding the costs of just having average thoughts and taking average actions.

Hope you enjoy this podcast,

Daniel Latto


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