Podcast 102 – WEBSITE GROWTH – How Are You Tracking Your Numbers

March 7, 2017


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In order to track our Website Growth, we set a new target yesterday on our website for the number of visitors we get per day.

Now it’s important to point out that this Website Growth figure is not in the thousands of visitors – what we do on my website is fairly niche.

When I had my old lettings agency for example, we received an average of 35,000 visitors a month.

Think about that for a second – that’s more than a thousand people a day running through your shop – wouldn’t that help your business !

But that’s a lettings agency which had all sorts of stuff bolted on to it. It’s not a niche coaching company.

Marketing will help your Website Growth Figures So the key here is that you should be measuring some form of data so that you can then decide how to increase the numbers you’re looking at.
So if you’re getting 10 visitors a day to your website, how can you increase that to say 20 ?

If you’re getting 200 a day, how can you increase that to 400 ?

You see one of the things I’ve noticed is that when a client signs up for our 12 months coaching package (which you should do also by the way as it’s seriously awesome!) – they generally have been on my mailing list for some time.

In other words, they haven’t just found me on Google. They generally don’t fill in that form unless they have listened to my podcasts, connected with me on Social Media or messaged me in some way.

So it’s the same for you.

What leads to a person making a transaction with you ?

Firstly the need to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

Secondly, they need to know that what you do (as in your service or product) can actually help them get the results they’re looking for, or will ENABLE them to move closer to the result they need.

Now what’s interesting about this is that in real life it actual works the other way around.

Track your website growth figures daily
Track your website growth figures daily
First they’re looking for a solution to their problem.

THEN they will decide whether they like and trust you enough to make the transaction.

That’s why I keep going on about video and podcasting, because it actually does both for you.

Despite creating videos for 5 years, 2016 was the first year a lead was actually generated from YouTube.

Since starting podcasts in just June 2015 (less than 2 years ago), a large proportion of leads has come from there.

But what tends to happen is that people will see you on one medium, and then seek you out on another medium; hence the idea about multiple messages on multiple mediums.

All of this can be very time consuming – which is why so many people struggle to find time to do it.

Only, the consequence of this is that then their reach no longer extends beyond the people who already know about them in their immediate circle of influence.

You have to find a way to reach out further.

And all of this ACTUALLY starts with having a plan about how many website visitors you have.

Everything you do should driving people onto the next step. Be it an opt in on a website, or to join a group (Have you joined SUCCESS JUNKIES yet ?)

From a really basic stand point, if you’re just getting 10 people per day to visit your site, you could just start placing adverts on places like Gumtree. I mean, it’s a start right ?

Get obsessed with that website visitor number. The more people who know about you, and the more people who spend time LISTENING to YOUR STUFF, to WATCHING your embedded YouTube videos, the more people are going to hang around and build the ‘Know, Like & Trust’ aspect. Website Growth is an important aspect of your business, so focus on it.

Come on admit it – most people don’t even know how many website visitors they have.

In fact they say ‘that number is so low I don’t even bother’ which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you should be doing!

Imagine having 50,000 visitors a month and saying ‘That number is so high I don’t even bother’ – you can say that because you’re already well on your way.

Look, if the number is so low why bother – then why bother to even have a website ?

It’s a waste of money. Might as well send Facebook Advert traffic to a squeeze page or to join a Facebook Group.

So how about you take that investment (the website) and start using it as you should.

Drive traffic to it
Have an opt in box with a ‘lead magnet’
provide content in the form of Articles, Videos and Podcasts
Build value via email, invite them to join you on Social Media (to build the Know, Like & Trust)
Watch those visitor numbers increase
Ensure you have a conversion mechanism (a way to get people to speak to you so you can help identify their real problem and offer your solution if it’s a fit)

All of this starts from checking those visitor numbers on your website.

Get to it !

Daniel Latto


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