Podcast Replay | Podcast 5 – Why You Should Be Using Social Media Marketing In Your Business Right Now

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Episode 5 - Why You Should Be Using Social Media Marketing In Your Business Right Now

Social Media has clearly been around for a long time, but as a Property Investor & Business Owner, are you using it correctly ?

During this podcast, i'll talk through some of the strategies that you should be using Social Media Marketing for.

As part of the 3 rules towards Financial Freedom in the next 5 years, we're always looking to cover how to :

1. Cut Costs
2. Generate Cash
3. Invest the rest,

this podcast helps cover #2, Generating Cash - and Social Media is a mechanism by which we can generate more potential leads, build credibility in the market place and generate more cash.

If you're not using Social Media to engage with your potential audience (and not just share pictures of cats), then you're business is missing out on this resource that has the potential to literally transform your business.

I personally generate thousands each month through social media into my coaching practice, and so I know how vital a resource it can be once used correctly.

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