Podcast 99 – How To Track Your Marketing – Facebook LIVE Replay

I speak to so many business who actually give up on their marketing because they simply have no way of tracking what the results are.

So they actually give up !

Yep. Crazy. Clearly, the more you do, the better you get.

So I came up with such a simple way that you can begin to track what happens over the coming months, that will then motivate you to increase your marketing as you begin to see it works.

The problem with some marketing is that you don’t get instant results. And that’s why people stop.

But think about it. How do you get your product or service out to someone unless they find out about you from your marketing.

It just doesn’t make sense does it.

Hopefully, Podcast 99 will shed some light on it for you !

Enjoy !

Daniel Latto



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