Podcast 8 Replay – Is this Johnnie Cass’s most revealing interview ever? (NLP, Mindset, Overcoming Obstacles)

Johnnie Cass is one of the foremost trainers on NLP and Mindset change.

As Mindset forms an integral part of success, the opportunity to speak to an inspirational thought leader and transformational coach was an opportunity to take advantage of.

Open, Authentic and Genuine. Johnnie Cass takes us through some of the mindset challenges and how he’s overcome them personally and today uses those experiences to help thousands of people worldwide.

Playing at the top of your game is never easy – although the media wants you to believe it’s easy. Having your mindset in place to back you up through the bad times and is an invaluable resource.

Join me and Johnnie as we talk through some of the techniques that will you carry you through the rough times.

Hope you enjoy this podcast,
Daniel Latto


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