Podcast 7 Replay – Interview with Rent to Rent Multilet specialist Francis Dolley

In this Property podcasts interview, I speak with Rent to Rent Multilet expert Francis Dolley about how he got started in Property, and more specifically, what there the ‘triggers’ that got him started.

Interestingly, Francis has a slight stammer, and yet decides to go and speak in front of hundreds of people at a time to pass on his knowledge and experience.

This Podcast interview is filled with amazing information, great content and advice and is well worth a listen.

Francis has taken control of properties and Multi-Lets them out with no huge deposits, needs no mortgage and has created multiple net cashflows of £1000s per month

It’s an inspirational interview – take a listen.

Hope you enjoy this podcast,
Daniel Latto

Resources :

Francis Dolleys Multi Let Cashflow System Website : www.MultiLetCashflowSystem.com

Gixen – a great way to get cheaper items on Ebay – www.gixen.com

AnyVan – A way to move furniture around cheaply – www.anyvan.com

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