Podcast 62 – How to Increase Your Conversion Rates from 2% to 26% from Cold Traffic!

In this Interview with World Class Copywriter, Jason Strachan we talk about to improve your message through carefully selecting the words that you use.

Words are so important and their meaning to the person reading them or hearing them can mean something different to the message you are trying to get across.  Get this part wrong and you are going to lose sales, lose time and of course lose money trying to promote your work.


Jason gives an amazing example of where his improved copy increased the conversion from just 2% to a whopping 26% !!

We talk about the mistakes that people make in marketing and how you can improve on them.

What Would Improving Your Conversion Rate Do For Your Business?

Getting more sales coming in is going to help you to increase your growth and of course pay for the things that you want and need.  Not having to worry about paying your bills due to just one well performing sales page would help to free up your mind and enjoy spending time with your loved ones even more.  How great would that be?

This is a great interview, loads of wonderful information.  Download it, set some time aside and take in everything that Jason has to offer you.

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