Podcast 6 Replay – Interview with Property Millionaire Vicki Wusche – The Property Mermaid

In this Podcast, I interview Vicki Wusche who discusses how she moved from being a single mum working part time to working full time in property and being financially free.

An inspirational and educational podcast that delves under the bonnet to find out more about what makes Vicki so successful.

We talk about the actions that Vicki took specifically, about how she survived on part time work and her attention to detail that helped.

Vicki is passionate about helping people, especially those on benefits and discusses how the government actually prevents her helping more people by the rules they have in place for tenants.

Vicki has an event coming up very soon and you can see the details of this here : http://www.bit.ly/spi-latto

The author of several books, Vicki also talks about those people who read all the books, do all the webinars and seminars, but then take no action.

We talk about how to shortcut the route to success through mentoring and fast tracking results.

We also cover how mindset is important, and how to make better decisions based upon the actions you have taken.

Finally, we talk about how to get started in property, about what the first steps could be.

This was an incredibly enjoyable interview, packed with valuable advice and information.

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Hope you enjoy this podcast,
Daniel Latto



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