Podcast 33 Replay – The Mistakes That People Make In Internet Marketing with Chris Rowell

In this podcast, I interview Chris Rowell who now makes his money via Internet Marketing.

I ask Chris about the best way to get started and some of the common mistakes that people make and why they fail.

We also discuss about where the technology is heading (think driverless trucks within the next 10 years) and what you can do to get yourself into a position to never have a ‘proper job’ ever again.

The podcast was recorded on May 5th (International Star Wars Day), and so I included the concept of Luke Skywalkers ‘Death Star Moment’ and how your best days are still yet to come.

A good, warm friendly interview with someone I’ve known for 6 / 7 years and one full of great advice and strategies.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it.
Daniel Latto



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