Podcast 29 Replay – Are You Committed To Failure And How You Can Tell

So many people I speak are committed to failure, rather than success, that I wanted to talk about what this means, how you can actually tell and what you need to do to begin to change.

Often, I’ll take a potential client on a 45 Minute Strategy Session to see if we’re a good match for coaching or not.

During that call, we will :

– identify the problem
– show the client that we both know and show that we can help

But sometimes, the client refuses to sign up for continuing help despite having recognised that they have a problem.

I can’t solve a lifetime of problems in a 45 Minute Strategy Session

That refusal to commit to a solution is a reason why they are still having the problem, rather than going with the solution that would help dissipate the issue.

So for example, if you’re overweight, and NOT taking any exercise right now – then you’re NOT committed to your health

If you have no money, but don’t have a financial cashflow, then you’re not committed to managing your finances and wont be wealthy.

If you think the key to a successful relationship is just to find the right person, without sitting down together and understanding what makes each other tick and what each other needs from the relationship – then that wont work either.

Everything takes work. Everything.

Listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.
Daniel Latto



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