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May 4, 2018

Building Trust and Credibility is vital for your business.

In fact, we use KLT a LOT (KLT Stands for Know, Like & Trust)

So as every, the first step is to get people to know that you actually exist.

The 2nd step is to hopefully get them to LIKE you.

If they don’t then don’t worry, as they have qualified themselves out before they waste your time finding out they don’t like you !

It’s always better to find that out first I find. Then finally, they want to be able to Trust you – and that’s by just being you, talking about how your product or service can help, etc.

Anyway – one of the other big ways of getting people to find out about you is using a BOOK.

So take a listen to the podcast where we talk about how you can start building Trust and Credibility (your very own KLT)

Daniel Latto

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