Podcast 134 – Why The Oxfam ‘Wealth’ Campaign Is Completely Inaccurate

I love what Oxfam do – helping other people is part of what makes us human.

(Let’s just forget how WELL PAID that Penny Lawrence, the Deputy Chief Exec earned around £100k before stepping down due to a sex scandal of her employees in Hiati, and forgetting the fact that the CEO Mark Goldring earns £122,000 per year) – Here’s the source for that info : https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5564327/penny-lawrences-oxfam-salary-chief-executive-earn/

Yep – I’m not cynical THAT much surely ?

Anyway – they release a report EVERY SINGLE YEAR that states how much wealth people have compared to others, and everyone gets to shout and jump up and down about how bad it all is.

Only that, the report, although likely accurate, uses LANGUAGE to change it’s meaning entirely.

Take a listen, and see what you think.



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