Podcast 10 Replay – Dan Bradbury Talks About Shortcutting the Path To Success, Buying Businesses and Overcoming Adversity

Dan Bradbury is a young 30-something Entrepreneur playing at the top of his game.

Known in the Business Marketing area for bringing to the UK some of the top names in the Marketing Industry including Frank Kerr, Jay Abraham and Ryan Deiss.

Dan’s a successful business owner who buys and sells business and is the hardest working business owner I know.

He spared over an hour in his tight schedule to provide some insights into his success, his mental attitude and his reasons for getting a coach.

Dan is also one of my Property Coaching clients and recently completed his first of many deals working with me.

This Podcast Interview is amazing.  It’s ram packed with great content, acionable strategies and inspiration.

Listen in and comment.


Hope you enjoy this podcast,

Daniel Latto


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Dan Latto

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