Play Cashflow 101 – and teach your kids investing principles while you’re at it !


Even My Kids (Aged 7 and 10) Play Cashflow 101 !

It’s true.  After starting them off on the PAYDAY game, we moved up to playing Cashflow 101.

If you were to ask my 10 year old about what an asset is, she’ll tell you it’s something that puts money in your pocket.

I’ll then ask her about say, a car.  She’ll tell me it’s a liability, and then add that you can turn it into an asset if it becomes a taxi, or you rent it out.

Teaching both yourself the basics, and your children about investing from an early age is a great way to get them off the idea that a ‘job’ is the only way to make money.

It’s drilled into them from a young age (why else do you think they go to school exactly other than to become good employees?)


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Go ahead and buy the game, play it, invite friends round and play it, and most of all, play it with your kids and start teaching them early on how to win at the game of money.

I’d love to know how you did, so feel free to drop me a message on Facebook here


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