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So in this video I go through 4 of the steps that you need to go through if you’re serious about making money from your investments.

Not every investments may be successful, not every investment is a waste but here’s the thing, all investments are worth trying. Sometimes, it’s a matter or trial and error but it’s a way to be one step ahead in the financial game.

And all big things come from small investments, mostly business-wise, because that’s where it all starts.

I must admit, for years it felt 'weird' not having to go to work.

It had been programmed (or drummed) into me from an early age and it took me a while to appreciate that I didn't need to.

I probably still feel the need to work, as that's why we do our podcasts and our videos and the business coaching.

But I also enjoy helping others find their path towards financial freedom too.

My Passive Income Strategies

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