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December 20, 2022

So when they first come to us, usually they’re a bit unsure as to how it all works, what work they can give us and what the limits are.

Then over a period of time and adustment, we end up moving from what was initially a ‘transactional’ relationship into a ‘Trusted Advisor’

This means that often, it will be “Dan … quick call .. I need to run something past you”

Because in any business that’s growing having other people to speak to about what growth obstacles a business has is vital.

Only most business owners don’t get it.

Not only that, but we embrace this transition in the relationship … so much so that we invite ALL our valued monthly clients out to come and spend a few days with us here in Spain, with cocktails on the beach, a spot of paddle surfing and some amazing food a the local restuarants. Of course we’ll be doing some exciting business work there too – some of it will be VERY thought provoking !

In fact, we embrace it so much that … we even pay for their hotel and food when they come over to spend some time with us.

Now if you want to come and join us in Spain too .. that option is available to you and there’s 2 ways of getting to it

Option 1.

You can pay £1250 – and it’s yours – full details here https://daniellatto.co.uk/retreat

Option 2

You sign up, become a client, get your content, FB Ads, marketing funnels all in place and have us on your side pushing your business for you and you get it for FREE (Just pay for flights)

Honestly, Option 2 looks better and better

So take a look, and either become a client and enter into our little club of awesome business owners thatr we’ve created, or sign up to the event and come anyway !

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