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February 27, 2017

The Oscars & Warren Beatty

I know a LOT of people go off on one and start saying what a waste of self indulgent time it all is.
I may have been one of them in the past.
But frankly, so what.
It’s an opportunity for people to have fun, win something really (And I mean REALLY) important to them.
It build careers. Unless you’re Warren Beatty of course – then it probably means they just put you back in your cupboard for such a gaff.
I mean, come on. You had ONE (ONE!) job. And you blew it.
Anyway, imagine being a ‘nobody’ and managing to get on that red carpet.
It’s amazing. And it happens. Completely unknown people walking the walk with the most famous people on the planet.
And yet we get people who hate it.
All that self congratulating backslapping for very rich people.
But who are we if we’re not allowed our dreams.
Who are we if, when playing at the very top of our game, that we’re not allowed to self congratulate ourselves ?

Self Belief.

That’s where all of your success will come from.
Michael Jordan didn’t do what he did by NOT believing in himself did he.
I had a basketball game once where this guy came up to me and said ‘oh you think you’re good do you … we’ll see about that’.
I destroyed this numpty on court. Couldn’t keep up. Couldn’t stop me scoring. And everytime I did he would give me a dig with his elbow.
Self belief. Some little upstart trying to take it away from me, and he would have too if I had allowed him.
We seem to want to destroy success in the United Kingdom, we seem to want to put it down, instead of congratulating people for all the hard work that they HAD to put in.

NOTHING good ever comes without having to work hard for it.

In fact, if you’re working hard right now and you haven’t hit your goals yet, then keep going. They’re much more likely to happen than if you give up where they are NEVER going to happen.
And lighten up some. Go to a party. Have friends round. Watch the game on the tv. Life isn’t about working 100 hours a week every week.
It’s about switching it on and off as and when you need to.
Daniel Latto

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