Next Networking Events in Leeds


The NEXT ‘SUCCESS JUNKIES’ Networking Events in Leeds …

(But before I talk about the next Networking Events in Leeds >>>   I LOVE trying to find crap ‘stock images’ to use – I think this one (the lady with the dog and the rabbit) is pretty terrible – best caption wins the title of ‘best caption captain’ – just imagine that title being bestowed upon you …)

Anyway – networking – it’s on the 2nd March at 7pm till 9pm ish – can you make it ?

If you can join the SUCCESS JUNKIES group on Facebook – full sign up is in there !

Leeds Networking Itinerary – SUCCESS JUNKIES

First half hour is ‘hey everyone’ – meet and greet and a bit of finding out about people.

The next hour is in the meeting where I’ll be doing some live coaching – if you’ve never had coaching this way before – you’re in for a treat.

It’s NOT where you sit there and listen to me warble on – it’s totally interactive and we get to solve your biggest issues in your business – get those sorted and it will move you closer to being an even greater ‘Success Junky’

Then the final half hour is networking – but it can go on as long or as short as you like.

Get the most from your Networking

This is what FORBES has to say about Networking Events.

Powerful stuff.

Networking Events in Leeds

So as we move forward this year, we have more Networking Events in Leeds planned for you each month.  All info will be updated into the ‘Success Junkies’ page on Facebook (hence why you need to go there and sign up !)

The idea behind these is to have a fun, non ‘stuffy’ networking event where you can be yourself.  Got a question about your business you need answering ? Then that’s what the live coaching aspect is for.

Just want to meet like minded business owners in a comfortable surrounding – then that’s us.

So if you want to join us – come and join our group – thats where all the information is : SUCCESS JUNKES

Hope you can make it folks !!

Daniel Latto

Business Coach

Networking Events in Leeds


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He now lives in Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean.

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