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 Negative Equity in Leeds?


Then this article is for you.

What is negative equity Leeds?

Negative equity Leeds is when you have a home where the value is lower than the total amount of all secured mortgage and loans placed upon it.

So, for example your if your home has a market value of 100,000, but the amount that you owe on your mortgage is more say 110,000, this means you have negative equity Leeds of 10,000 on your home.

So basically, you now owe more than your home is worth.

This of course makes it harder to sell, as you now need to find this ‘shortfall’ of ¬£10,000, which can obviously be quite difficult depending on your circumstances.

It’s quite a common occurance and can be through no fault of your own.

If you bought when prices were high and they have dropped, then you’ll come across this problem with Negative Equity in Leeds.

It could also be that you have bought and the remortgaged and taken more money out and then the prices have dropped.

Either way it means that you owe more than the home is worth and will now find it diffcult to sell.

However, we have a solution for those who live in Leeds and find themselves in Negative Equity.

We can take over your mortgage payments UNTIL the price has risen enough for you to either sell the home to us, or we’ll help you sell it.

It’s called a Lease Option, and it gives us the option to purchase your home at a price we agree now. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to move on with your life rather than worrying about the home.

Effectively, we’re renting the home from you and covering all the costs includng the mortgage, the boiler, any repairs and so on.

We’ve done lots of these types of deals in our 16 year experience and have helped lots of people move on with their lives and not be held back by the negative equity in the home.

So if this may suit you, then just fill in the form.

There is no need to get stressed out about Negative Equity in Leeds, because we have a great solution that can help you.

Just complete the form and lets see how we can help,

speak soon,

Author : Daniel Latto

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Daniel Latto

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