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  • Most of our personal growth comes through hardship.
August 29, 2022

So this morning, my 7 year old daughter came with me to Crossfit – it’s not the first time she’s been, and it won’t be the last as she’s not back at school until mid next week.

She doesnt do that much, she just looks around and watches what we do, sometimes at the end she’ll do some banded pullups or some kettlebell squats, or some rope climbs – but it’s good for her to be around that environment.

Surprisingly, I love it when kids are there, as they’re watching adults, who are both powerful and strong, men and women pushing themselves to go beyond their limits.

Even better is that my 7 year old sees strong powerful women lifting more than I do, and outworking me, and then every so often she sees her dad tearing it up and coming first too.

It’s a great environment and full of role models for her.

On the way out, we were talking about how I actually felt a little sick from the amount of effort I put in (It was a very hard session, seemed to go on for ages and took pretty much everything I had to get it finished)

And then she asked me why I didn’t stop when I got so tired.

So I gave a very long and very detailed and which went something like this …

“Most growth comes when you’re pushing yourself and going through the pain. On the other side of that pain, is victory.

And growth can be muscle, or it can be the ability for the body to run a bit further than it could last time, or to lift a little more.

Sometimes growth is where you think you can’t go any more, and yet you keep going.

If I’d have stopped and given up – the next time I come, my body wouldn’t have progressed, and I wouldn’t have learned the lessons that I did today, such as the fact that even though I wanted to give up, even though I felt like I was going to be sick, I kept going and got all the workout done UNDER the time limit.

4 months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Does that kinda make sense ?”

I look around.

And she’s stroking the crossfit dog. Not a clue about anything I said.

“Huh?” – She says. 🤣🤣

So I was basically talking to myself.

Anyway Im sure she was listening on some level or other, and she can see all the others working out hard and she gets why they and I actually do it.

But I thought it funny that she wasn’t listening to my ancient words of wisdom.

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