More Deals = More Money – Durham, 20% Discount, Available At Just £48,000

So this type of property is the type that you ought to be having in your portfolio as a property sourcer.  The rent may seem a little low but having a tenant already in there paying rent makes your life as a landlord so much easier.

Like I say in the video, I would still spend some money on making sure that the place looks nice.  This then has a positive effect on the tenant so they want to stay which is great for you because on the 1st of every month you get the rent into your account.

Unhappy tenants because of a property that isn’t looked after is more likely to lead you to missing payments, leaving and fast turnaround of tenants and voids because people don’t want to live in it.

Look after your tenants because they pay your lifestyle at the end of the day.

Finding your own properties can save you a lot of money in sourcing fees.  Property sourcers get paid well for finding properties such as these and you can learn how to become a great property sourcer yourself.

With property sourcers earning £2,000 to £5,000 per deal you can save a lot of money over the year from the deals that you buy.

To help you to do this, I have put together a video which teaches you about how to become a property sourcer and also how to sell deals on the right way if you are interested in adding this to your property arsenal.

You don’t have to be in property to learn how to do this and as you will see in the video, people are getting fantastic results from it.

The video plays out at 8pm each night and you can register to watch it here

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