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If there is one skill that people should learn, it’s the skill of controlling your thoughts.

Your thoughts will dictate your results, not your actions.

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It seems counter intuitive sometimes, but if you think about say, a marketing campaign, and you go into it in a half hearted way, then of course your results will show the same half heartedness.

But it’s much deeper than that. For example, how about when you wake, what are your waking thoughts. Or when you go to bed.

It’s what I term “your first and your last” – the first thought on a morning and your last thought at nigh time before sleep.

If you fall asleep worrying about a particular issue, then thats ok every so often, but if it’s the same issue over and over again, then clearly there’s an issue that needs to be resolved.

Now resolving it as a one off is fine, but over the long term, total control of your mind is very important, otherwise it’s just like going to the gym one weekend when trying to get fit, and then doing nothing for the rest of the year.

Your mind is a muscle just like any other – the more you use it on a regular basis, the more control you will have over it.

Take for example someone who goes to the gym every day, or every 3 days – and compare that with a person who goes all weekend, it’s pretty obvious what the results will be.

But thats where most people seem to think they can get away with only doing a little bit of mindset every so often. It’s simply not going to work.

You don’t see an olympic athelete have a mindset that works every so often. Success is a continuous habit of mindset and action. Not a once in a while hope for the best event.

So, what about you ?

Where’s your mindset at?

And that of your team ?

We live in such a varied world where we have such different people. One worldview can be pretty pessimistic (accountants usually!) and others are optimistic (sales people!) – and of course a balance needs to be found. But where you have one person whose over riding view is a negative one, then thats not going to help you or your business.

Just seeing the worst in people will give you just that and back up your belief system. I’ve been away in Bosnia looking at a possible pyramid. It could be 30,000 years old or more. If it’s true, it will change world history.

It was an amazing experience, and during that time I met people with all sorts of wonderful views, from being immortal to believing in gnomes (seriously!) – an amazing group of people with such a varied belief system I had to re-adjust mine to compensate.

Now, I saw some things that I couldn’t explain whilst at the pyramid (Orbs on a few digital photographs) – to me I could explain them away as being flies being caught in the flash (albeit with strange behaviour).

Whereas other people insisted these things were ‘energy’ – absolutely insistent. The same thing, with 2 different explanations (or results) based around a belief system would change the meaning for the person.

Now, lets look at this in business & property.

A belief system that ‘I’ll never sell my house for the market value’ probably means thats right.

However, if you made the house look amazing, great kerb appeal, cut the bushes back and so on – then the results will be different.

You could say it was the actions that made the difference which is of course true.

But those actions wouldn’t have happened without a positive mindset.

Now, let me clarify this ‘thinking positive’ thing. It’s bullshit.

That’s not what I do. What I do is help people get in touch with themselves on a daily basis, to understand what their limitations have been, and how they can fix those limitations, and then onto what would life look like once those self imposed limiting beliefs were removed.

The Biggest Result Possible

If you’re looking to improve your team, from the people at the top through to the people at the bottom not performing well, the BIGGEST change you can make in them to get the fastest result is in Mindset Training.

If you would like me to come and talk to your team, or would like to discuss this yourself and find out how to get an instant result, then complete the quick contact form on the right hand side.

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