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  • Meet Kevin Green ‘LIVE’ this November!!

Join Kevin Green, Star of TV’s ‘The Secret Millionaire’ for a special 2 day event in London this November.

Kevin Greens Business and Property Foundation Training is a superb, highly acclaimed 2 day training event, aimed for those who want more out of life.

I’m personally delighted to recommend Kevin and his team of coaches (of which, i’m one of course).


Now – I’m not personally going to be there, as we’re hoping to be having a new baby being delivered that very weekend, however, I would love you to attend and see why i’m so excited about life.

Daniel Latto and Kevin Green - 350pxl

Kevin is an inspiration for many including me, and just being in the same company of a well known and highly respected entrepreneur will begin the change you’ve been looking for.

Click the link, come along and learn from one of the best in the industry.

Kevin Greens 2 Day
Business and Property Foundation Training



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