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​​​Discover Why You Need To Join

If it's not listed, ask, and I'll cover it.

  • Business Coaching
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    How To Grow Your Business
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    Starting Your business
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    Online Video
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  • check
    How To Create A Podcast
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    Inbound Marketing
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    Content Creation
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    Time Management
  • Sales Training
  • Property Coaching
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    How To Source Property Deals
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    Rent 2 Rent
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    Buy To let
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    Lease Options
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    Social Media Marketing
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    Starting with little or no money
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    Health and weight loss
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    Dealing with stress
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    Neuro Linguistic Programming
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Get yourself organised, get your week planned and kick ass!

With our weekly coaching, you can take charge of each week, organise what needs to be done, identify the tasks and get help with any knowledge gaps that might get in the way.

Along with that get our strategies for property investing, Business growth and marketing all for one low monthly price.

When Is It?

Sunday Nights at 8pm UK Time.

The reason we like Sunday night coaching so much is that it sets your week up for success.  We can delve into what you want to achieve next week, and if there are any knowledge gaps, we can fill them for you withour content.

Go on, set yourself for a great week ahead.

Why Is Group Coaching Via An Online Mastermind Effective?

So there's just no way I could offer coaching for £147 per month if it was one on one.  

But creating a Joint Group Online Mastermind is certainly doable.

More than that, take a look at why you need to be online with us.

  • Similar Goals : you get into a group that all wants the same things and are on the same journey
  • New Ideas : They may ask a question that you would never have thought of in the Webinar, which means you get to benefit from the answer, despite having never come up with the question!
  • Great Entry Point : It's an affordable entry point into getting a coach, to be inspired and motivation and to be challenged.

​It's time for you to be heard and understood. Download our free guide to learn the 5 secrets to effortless persuasion and get started today:

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