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What is the 'Mastermind Retreat' ?

So when you're growing a business, as I'm sure you'll know, it can be very lonely at the top.  Not only that, but you have very few people you can count on that actually understands what it's like being a business owner.  

Certainly your spouse never 'truly' understands what you're going through, and when you get excited by an idea or two they 'kinda' take an interest, but you end up feeling like it's only you that 'gets it'.  It's not their fault of course, they just don't understand what it feels like to have the whole world on your shoulders.

So being in an environment where you can let loose with all your business ideas and discuss them with other people who are on very similar journeys to you is vital.  Plus, as we hold it in Spain, your vision reaches much more as you're not 'hemmed in' by the 4 walls of your old environment back at home.  Your world is literally your oyster, and you're able to see further into your future about what you would like to create than ever before.

What is the 'Business Planning' Aspect ?

So my biggest breakthroughs in business came when I PROPERLY PLANNED out my business.  I was able to set realistic targets (and some that were a little bit out there!) and then I was able to implement to the plan.  My business grew significantly, and so will yours.

When Is It?

Fly in on the Sunday, and be home by Wednesday and ready to implement everything you've learnt.

2018 Dates

  • - Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th September 2018
  • - Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd October 2018

2019 Dates

  • - Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th April 2019
  • - Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st May 2019

Attract Your Ideal Clients

Increase Your reach

Reach more of your potential clients than ever before.  I'll show you behind the scenes of my social media presence that drives 3 times as much traffic when it's switched ON, than when it's switched off.

Create Your Vision

Understanding what you really want, and then building a plan that can get you there is vital to your future success

Create Content Quickly

My business wouldn't be what it is today without the ability to create content and then distribute it efficiently through my marketing channels.  Let me show you how.

Attract Your Best Customers

Learn who your best customer actually is, then understand how to reach them

Convert Your Leads To Customers

Work On Your Sales Mechanism

Wouldn't it be great to shorten the sales cycle and only speak to people who are much more likely to buy ?

Design Your Sales Funnel

Websites are old hat - what you really need these days is a sales funnels - let's design yours together

Automate Appointment Scheduling

Depending on your sales funnel (and your industry & business), appointments are essential - here's how you book them automatically.

Communicate With Potential Leads

Learn how to warm up any potential leads in your business and lets put together the emails you need.

Deliver Product/Services Efficiently

Review Delivery Mechanism

Working one on one is great, but you can't scale it very well.  Let's look at what other options are available.

Are your staff trained to the level that you are ?

Here's what you need to do

Key Performance Indicators


What are your targets, which numbers do you need to measure.  Let's find out together.

Track Conversions

The metrics for visitors on site, conversion rate to opt ins, conversion rate to purchase are all important KPI's to measure so you can see where you need to improve.

​​​Discover Why You Need To Attend

If it's not listed, ask, and I'll cover it.

  • Business Coaching
  • check
    How To Grow Your Business
  • check
    Starting Your business
  • check
    Online Video
  • check
  • check
    How To Create A Podcast
  • check
    Inbound Marketing
  • check
    Content Creation
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Time Management
  • Sales Training
  • Property Coaching
  • check
    How To Source Property Deals
  • check
    Rent 2 Rent
  • check
    Buy To let
  • check
    Lease Options
  • check
    Social Media Marketing
  • check
    Starting with little or no money
  • check
    Health and weight loss
  • check
    Dealing with stress
  • check
    Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • check
    These are just some of the things we may cover

Why Is A Mastermind Group So Effective?

Getting you away from your business, your home life, in fact your whole environment is vital if you want to see FURTHER than you've ever seen before.

The Mastermind Setting is a perfect place to 'try on' new goals and see how they fit into your long term plan, plus we'll help show you how to get there even faster.

  • Similar Goals : you get into a group that all wants the same things and are on the same journey
  • New Ideas : They may ask a question that you would never have thought of in the Webinar, which means you get to benefit from the answer, despite having never come up with the question!
  • Great Entry Point : It's an affordable entry point into getting your business ready to grow.

Location & Accommodation

My Villa is located just outside Castellon, about an hour North of Valencia by car on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  In fact, we're literally 150 meters from the beach.

Flight wise, you can fly into Valencia or into Alicante - both may need the train (or hire car) to get here.

Alternatively, you can fly into Castellon Airport (from Stansted) if the dates work for you.

We have some great 4 star hotels here in Benicassim, Spain - I personally recommend Hotel Orange (Book early as it gets booked up quickly!)

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