MASSIVE Breakthrough At #Billionaire Bootcamp

Here at the Chris Howard #Billionaire Bootcamp

MASSIVE breakthrough today – Yup, we’re talking tears and snot people.

But a MASSIVE emotional breakthrough with big changes ahead on so many levels.

In my experience with coaching clients, it’s not the ‘how to’ that gets people stuck (although there is clearly some of that), but it’s the ‘I’m not good enough’ which is the biggest barrier.

We all suffer from it by the way and so it’s natural, but it is something that limits our growth and hence our results.

Start clearing out some of those barriers is the first step to true wealth (It’s nt just about the money)

But look, If you want to join in at the next one, just drop me a message (complete the box on the right) and I’ll get the details sent to you next week when I’m back at the Villa in Spain.

It’s worth Every Single Penny spent and those precious minutes that we have available to give up (Once they’re gone, they’re impossible to replace so choose how you spend them wisely)

So I’ll be off social media for a the next few days as we’ve got A LOT of writing to get through and I owe it to myself to focus on just me for a few days.

So that’s exactly what I’ll be doing except the already scheduled content we have going out.

See you next week !!


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Daniel Latto

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