Business Card Design

February 7, 2017

I get asked lots about Business Cards.

 In fact, I’ve had competitions when I’m on stage and challenge people to have a better card than me.  I’ve not lost yet.

So here it is :




A photograph is vital (not optional)  – this provides an instant recall of who you actually are by your picture rather than just a name

Provide a reason for people to want to make contact with you on the front

Show how people can get in touch.  This is an old card now (I actually don’t use business cards at all these days – if people don’t know who I am then I’m not doing my job properly) – so use Social Media channels too

The biggest part about the inside is that it’s just normal card (not glossy, etc) – this allows people to be able to make notes on the inside and look, I’ve even provided a place for that. Which means that when someone needs a bit of paper to write something, they may even use my business card

I ASK for referrals

I have a small story explaining why I can help them, and then I have a CALL TO ACTION

The reverse is bright and colourful, and again has a call to action

This business card is foldable, which means it’s thicker when folded and stands out.

 The reverse is bright and colourful, and again has a call to action

 I’ve literally had people ask me for a business card when they’ve seen other people open up theirs (while sat round the networking table).

 This card is printed by VISTAPRINT, and while I’m not a massive fan of Vistaprint (you’re paying for all their advertising don’t you know), it’s easy enough to design a card on their website and get 500 printed quickly.


This will literally take you an hour MAXIMUM !

  1. Create your design for your double sized, folded business cards at Vistaprint.
  2. Place your ORDER ! (This will cost you around £30 for 250 cards – some are better than none – but you can get the upsell once you checkout and get another 250 at around half the price – one of the quirks of the Vistaprint system)

That’s it.  You up for the challenge ?