I often hear from people that they can’t sell their product or service to their potential customers.  I often hear how Facebook and Google ads don’t work because people never buy from them.  But is this really true or are they selling instead of creating opportunities to buy?  Are they really understanding their potential clients mindset and are they able to plant thoughts of buying into their minds?

This is where I see a lot of people letting themselves down and also letting their potential clients down.  These potential clients need these products or services and if you aren’t giving them the opportunity to buy, you are letting them down.

Instead people go into the blame game and make it out to be everyone elses fault that they aren’t doing things the right way.  Instead of trying to go for the kill and create instant buyers you need to be nurturing buyers into a place where they want to buy from you without having buyers remorse afterwards.

So here are some things that you need to be aware of about your buyers in order to help them to buy from you.

Change Of Event Circumstances

In property I talk about this a lot.  I set up my leaflet dropping campaigns around this principle.  When people go through a major life changing event, they are often in a position where they need some help outside of the norm.  In property this is where you will find your motivated sellers.  Here are the 4 D’s that I work my leaflets around:

  1. Death
  2. Divorce
  3. Debt
  4. Departure

If someone is in one of these 4 stages, they are in need of a quick sale as there are legal issues that need to be cleared up as quickly as possible.  You can help them with being able to speed up this process and move on quickly.  Of course when dealing with someone who is in one of these stages it is very important that you act out of integrity and that you don’t take advantage of them.  Doing that is going to leave them with buyers remorse and they won’t be recommending you to other people they know.  They’ll be doing the opposite.  Make sure that you create a deal that gets you and them to both win.

Not Wanting To Be Embarrassed

car-outside-housePeople in these types of situations will most likely be feeling a dent in their pride.  They want a solution but not everyone wants other people to know what is happening because they feel embarrassed.  They don’t want to have a For Sale sign outside of their family home.  They want everything doing discretely.

This is where you can target a portion of your marketing.  You can provide a quick sale service for people without having to go through all of the embarrassment. This also means that you have to do certain things for these types of people.

  • Don’t park outside their house when you call round
  • Don’t put their cases studies on social media (or anywhere else!)
  • Again, be fair and create a win-win situation for them

Wanting To Be Taken Out Of Pain

Some people from the 4 D’s above are just wanting someone to come along and take them out of their pain as soon as possible.  All they want is for the deal to be done and to move on as quick as possible.  These people might be happier to be seen on social media than the last group.  After you have helped them, they will feel relieved as long as you have created that win-win situation.

You can set your marketing up for these people by talking about the type of pain that they are going through and how you can help them get out of pain.  Talk to them about the ease of the process and how you are going to help them along the way.  You may have to guide them along the journey and do a bit of hand holding to help them get to the end point.  Just remember that they are in a place of pain and they may not always react the way that they would when they are in a better place.

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